Vera Concepcion

Vera Concepcion is a writer from Las Vegas who is fascinated with all that is unexplored, mysterious, taboo and secret. Their main interests include digital media and internet culture, food and untold stories of the underrepresented. They are a Virgo and a natural blonde.

Female coworker making male coworker smile at cafe. Trans Coworkers pbs rewire
How to Be a Good Ally to Your Trans Coworkers

While transgender people have become more and more visible in mainstream media, they’ve also become more vulnerable. One […]

Young LGBTQ couple laughing at each other. Wedding Expectations pbs rewire
LGBTQ Couples Say ‘I Don’t’ To Wedding Expectations

Sammy and Oliver Hope’s meet-cute is one that seems straight out of a classic rom-com. The couple first […]