Sarah Sheppard

Sarah Sheppard is a freelance writer, editor and writing instructor. She earned an MFA in creative writing from Lesley University and is working on her first novel. Follow her on Instagram or Twitter or contact her at

Photo of four roommates having dinner in the living room together. Difficult Roommate pbs rewire
4 Signs You Might Be the Difficult Roommate
Step away from the Post-it note
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Why Your Brain Craves Bad News

I was sitting at my cubicle, in a crowded office, when news of the Sandy Hook Elementary School […]

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How Reading Benefits Your Mental Health and Your Career

Katerina Canyon tries to read a book a week. But it’s not something she does just for fun. At […]

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How Millennials Are Making Sense of Religion

Cheyanne Hewitt, 29, grew up in the Mormon religion and was taught to believe that “families are forever” […]

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Why Some People are Getting ‘Sober Curious’

Ruby Warrington first got drunk when she was 14 years old. Two decades later, after years as a journalist […]

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When Your Parents Don’t Like the Person You’re Marrying

Nandita Godbole and her husband are both from India, but they grew up in different communities and different […]

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Taking Care of Yourself Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Maybe you’re experiencing the winter blues, dealing with an unhealthy relationship or feeling overwhelmed by holiday parties, kids’ activities […]

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Alcohol is a Drug, and It’s Time We Addressed It

Alcoholics Anonymous just wasn’t working for Allie McCormick. Despite years of wrestling with her relationship with alcohol, she didn’t […]

Young woman with hand outstretched in a
When to Cut Ties With a Toxic Parent

When Rachel was a teenager, her mother had her future all planned out. Rachel’s mom had decided where […]

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What to Do When Your Parents Undermine Your Parenting

Bringing kids into the world is exciting, but defending your parenting style to family and friends is not. […]

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How to Live With Your Parents the Right Way

Maybe you’ve been living on your own, but you’ve just lost your job, started a side business, or […]

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How to Become Friends With Your Parents

Becoming an adult means you get to vote, rent a car, buy a home, build up savings and […]