Rachel Crowell

Rachel Crowell is an Iowa-based writer exploring science and math. Rachel lives with Delilah, a golden retriever a stranger once called “the cutest thing in America.” Outside of STEM topics, Rachel also welcomes writing opportunities on everything from art to finance. Follow them on Twitter at @writesRCrowell. Reach them at [email protected]

Photo of a woman looking frustrated, with her head in her hands. A man is in the foreground reading a paper the woman is staring at. Rewire PBS Living Mindset
Change Your Mindset to Own Your Job, Relationships and More

Most of us have probably had that one math teacher, the kind who loves to assign problems that […]

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Rediscovering Childhood Hobbies Can Make You Happier Today

It’s amazing to think about all of the things we were obsessed with as kids, only to wake […]

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Lessons I Learned Buying an Old House as My First House

Buying your first house can be exciting — and more than a little bit scary. That’s especially true […]

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Why Even Young Men Should Know Their Breast Cancer Risk

“Men don’t get breast cancer.” “You can only get breast cancer in October.” Those are just a couple […]

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Where in the World Should You Travel Next?

As nights get longer and the air gets chillier, you might find yourself longing for far-off destinations. Or, […]

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Why America’s Quest for a Superior Human is Left Out of History

Eugenics—a mishmash of the Greek words for “well” and “born”—is a term that conjures up images of Adolf […]

Young African-American couple holding hands while talking to a doctor. Don't Ever Want Kids pbs rewire
Don’t Ever Want Kids? Here Are Your Medical Options

Ever since I can remember, I have been aware of tubal ligation, or “getting your tubes tied,” as […]

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For National Preparedness Month, Skills to Save a Life

Waldo Vasquez wasn’t expecting to help save someone’s life when he walked into a Tennessee Walmart Supercenter earlier […]

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The Trick to Getting a Job in Another State

When you’re ready to change career tracks, trying to find a job where you are can feel like […]

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Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Trash?

A renewed focus on minimalism has inspired a lot of us to do more with less. But our […]

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The Not-So-Fluffy Side of Pet Parenthood

Life with pets can mean fun, snuggles and unconditional love, but we don’t talk enough about the difficulties […]

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Do You Know How to Be Safe in the Summer Heat?

Portions of the U.S. have already seen record high temperatures this year–even before summer’s official start on June […]