Natalie Maggiore

Natalie Maggiore is a journalist and teacher living in Chicago, whose passions include aggressive hockey watching, a quality bowl of queso and learning about the infinite void that is outer space. Her writing mainly pertains to pop culture and entertainment, but she enjoys creating content pertaining to mental health, social service, human interests and nature. Follow her on Twitter @nataliem31 and Instagram @natmag31.

Man on his smart phone while in a work meeting. Lazy Coworker pbs rewire
What Can You Do About a Lazy Coworker?

The working world can be a bit of a mess. With everyone gunning for promotions and pay raises, […]

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Why We’re Still Worried About Age Gap Relationships

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Stop Letting Other People Make You Hate Being Single

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Pick Your Party Before the Upcoming Election

Election Day is Nov. 6 and promises to be noteworthy, with Pew citing midterm voter enthusiasm as the highest […]

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When You’re Sharing a Pet With a Deadbeat Pet Partner

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How to Share Your City and Your Friends After a Big Breakup

Relationships aren’t easy, especially after they end. In a place as big as New York City or as […]

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Is it Time to Quit Your Job?

One of the most commonly lamented stereotypes about millennials is that they’re not afraid to change jobs, to […]

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Goat Yoga? Find the Best Yoga Practice for You

Goat yoga. Beer yoga. Aerial yoga. Paddleboard yoga. These days, there’s a yoga for everyone, everything and every […]

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Could ASMR Actually Help You?

If you’ve been on YouTube lately or you’ve glanced over the Explore page on Instagram, you’ve probably stumbled […]

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Third-Wheel Your Way to a Better You

Spring has finally made its way to Earth’s Northern hemisphere, it seems that “cuffing season” has come to […]