Liz Brown

Liz Brown is a San Francisco-based writer and copyeditor whose day job is in marketing and communications. Her passion lies in finding the unique angle to every story. Follow her ramblings on Twitter at @lizb411.

Photo of serious man with a beard listening to his smartphone. Say 'No' to a Friend pbs rewire
How to Say ‘No’ to a Friend
If you don't think you can be present when spending time with them, it's best to say no.
Photo of man with arm tattoos working at his office desk. Work Wardrobe pbs rewire
Your Work Wardrobe Doesn’t Matter as Much as You Think It Does
The most important thing is being prepared.
Woman with clasped hands saying sorry
Are You Saying ‘Sorry’ as a Social Lubricant?
Over-apologizing can be a tough habit to break
Photo of young Mexican couple eating dinner at a restaurant. Relocate for Love pbs rewire
What to Expect When You Relocate for Love

Long-distance relationships are hard. Anyone who’s ever seen a romantic movie knows that. But can long-distance love ever […]

People taking public transit together. Better Mornings pbs rewire
De-Stress Your Commute and Have Better Mornings

Having a job is awesome. Getting there? Not so much. For most of us, commuting to work is […]

Rewire PBS personal trainer
Should You Work With a Personal Trainer?

If you hate the gym, forcing yourself to go by hiring a personal trainer might seem super counter-intuitive. […]

Confidence pbs rewire
Forget the Power Pose and Find Real Confidence

Confidence is that elusive quality that most people either think they have or desperately want. Whether you need […]

should you work with a recruiter
Can a Recruiter Help You With Your Job Search?

Every day, job seekers get mixed messages on the best way to apply for a job to guarantee […]

Living Together pbs rewire
More Couples Choose Living Together Over Marriage

The times, they are a-changing. Cohabitation, living together without the commitment of marriage, has become increasingly common and […]

Moving Out pbs rewire
7 Things to Know Before Moving Out For Good

When millennials were coming of age and attending college, the recession hit. The new norm is living with […]

letting go rewire pbs
The Upside to Letting Go of Friends in Adulthood

Think back to the good old days. Making friends as a child was probably less stressful for you […]

Travel Apps pbs rewire
10 Travel Apps to Simplify Vacation Planning

We all deserve a vacation. It doesn’t matter if you work 9 to 5, part-time or are still […]