Kyndall Cunningham

Kyndall Cunningham is a freelance writer from Baltimore. She writes on a range of topics including film and television. You can read her work at

Photo of a woman holding a megaphone in front of a blue background. Rewire PBS Our Future College Student
What Are Your Rights as a Student?
A lot of it depends on whether you go to a private or public school.
Photo of a tape measure on a white background. Rewire PBS Love Height
‘Short’ Guys and ‘Tall’ Girls: Why Are We So Hung Up On Height?
'These stereotypes are real. They're very gendered, and they go back basically as far as society has existed.'
a photo of beets at a farmers market. Rewire PBS Living Farmers Markets
What Farmers Markets Do for Urban Neighborhoods
In Baltimore, farmers markets provide opportunities for entrepreneurship.
Photo of two hands and two phones, as seen from above. Rewire PBS work Twitter
How to Build a Work-Friendly Twitter Persona
These days, there's no need for two accounts.
Photo of young man playing Fortnite on his computer. Pacifist pbs rewire
Can a Pacifist Play ‘Fortnite’?
Here's what it's like to be a pacifist when pop culture is inherently violent.
Photo of man opening his wallet to only find a few dollar bills. Start Saving pbs rewire
How to Start Saving a Little When You Don’t Earn a Lot

Whether by our parents, grandparents, teachers or older siblings, we’ve all been lectured on the importance of saving […]

Man and woman walking the halls of a workplace. Recommending a Friend pbs rewire
Is Recommending a Friend for a Job Ever a Good Idea?

It’s an old adage that you should never mix business with pleasure. Most people apply this advice when […]

Interracial couple kissing. Racial Dating Preference pbs rewire
Is It Racist to Have a Racial Dating Preference?

The influx of mobile dating apps with the “swipe” functionality has made the process of selecting potential romantic […]

White male boss angrily telling African-American female employee how to do job. Microaggressions pbs rewire
How to Handle Racial Microaggressions at Work

Even if you’re not familiar with the term “microaggression,” if you’re a person of color, there’s a fair […]