Kelsey Yandura

Kelsey Yandura is a freelance writer and journalist based out of wherever the nearest library is (usually Denver). Though her first love is fiction (namely sci-fi and anything influenced by folklore), she’s also a big fan of writing about social groups, technology and relationships. Follow her on social media (@kelseyyan) for vaguely humorous tidbits, as well as updates on her creative writing projects.

Army military soldiers marching in a parade outdoors. Rewire PBS Work Military
Is It Too Late to Join the Military After College?
It has its benefits, but expect a culture shock.
Photo of volunteers lined up. Rewire PBS Work Humanitarian Gap Year
Is a Humanitarian Gap Year Right for You?
You might not last long in your volunteer gig if you're doing it for the resumé clout.
Photo of a hair stylist with blue hair cutting a female client's hair. Rewire PBS Work Trade School
Is Trade School the Best Path for Creatives?
After high school and after college, vocational degrees are helping creative people make money.
Photo of a transfeminine non-binary person caressing the hand of a transmasculine gender-nonconforming person. Social Anxiety pbs rewire
How to Cope When Social Anxiety is Hurting Your Sex Life
Mental health and sexual enjoyment are very much linked.
Photo of small table with spread of cheese and vegetables. Phone-Free Dinner Party pbs rewire
Things I Learned Hosting a Phone-Free Dinner Party
It was one part birthday party, one part social experiment.
LGBTQ youth. coming out.
Is It Getting Easier to Come Out? LGBTQ Youth Say Yes and No
Gen Z is the queerest generation yet — are we prepared to support them?
Two women dressed in cosplay holding swords. geek culture.
How Geek Girls Are Fighting Back Against Sexist Subculture
These women are trying to end gatekeeping in the world of comic cons
Photo of woman with her head in her hands in front of her laptop with arms thumbs down around her. Woke-Shaming pbs rewire
Why Online ‘Woke-Shaming’ Doesn’t Work
Approach the conversation with empathy, rather than a foregone conclusion
Photo of a group of friends jumping off a sailboat into the ocean. Adventure pbs rewire
Adventure is the New White Picket Fence. Here’s Why.
We still have status symbols, but they aren't what they used to be
Photo of young man laying on the floor daydreaming. Romanticizing Past Relationships pbs rewire
Why Romanticizing Past Relationships Will Ruin Future Ones

It seems we can’t get away from “the one that got away.” Sprayed across books, movies and television […]

Photo of woman sitting on couch looking seriously at her laptop. Apply For a Job pbs rewire
Should You Apply For a Job You’re Not Qualified For?

“Women only apply for jobs when they are 100 percent qualified. Men, on the other hand, tend to […]

Comics pbs rewire
The Comics Industry’s Return to Its Queer Roots

Think the comics world is a stranger to LGBTQ voices? Flip through a few classic issues of “Spider-Man” […]