Kathleen Wong

Kathleen Wong is a Honolulu-based writer with bylines in The Cut, Broadly, Mic, Mashable and more.

Pillows and blankets on a mattress covered by a white sheet. Rewire PBS Living Cuffing
5 Better Ways to Spend Cuffing Season
Avoid the Netflix-and-chill doldrums and get inspired instead.
A young male patient is listening to a female psychologist. Rewire PBS Living Therapist
How to Know If Your Therapist is a Good Fit
Therapists are not one-size-fits-all.
Small bottle of CBD oil surrounded by leaves on wood table.
There’s a ‘Wealth Gap’ in the CBD Industry. Can it be Fixed?
'It’s a problem, it’s a big problem. There’s not really a lot of incentive to do anything about it.'
Photo of gay couple at brunch. Back With an Ex pbs rewire
If You’re Getting Back With an Ex, Do It Right
But don't get back together out of guilt or anxiety
Photo of African-American woman working out in a gym with ropes. pbs rewire
Can Working Out Increase Anxiety?

By now, you’ve probably heard of the near-magical good that exercise can do for you. Regularly working out […]

Lesbian couple sitting on opposite ends of a couch. Argue With Your Partner pbs rewire
Do You Argue With Your Partner Too Much?

Arguing with your partner can leave you feeling hopeless. They’re your support system, your cuddle buddy and the […]

Woman waking up from sleep in a good mood. Mental Health pbs rewire
Better Sleep, Better Mental Health, and Vice Versa

We’ve all experienced those sleepless nights: We put our phones down and turn off the light at 11 […]

Woman getting nuts in bulk at the grocery store. Reduce the Garbage You Produce pbs rewire
Take These Simple Steps to Reduce the Garbage You Produce

As we live our lives ordering dinner from Postmates, going to bars with friends and grabbing coffee before […]

Engineer with his hands on his head because of a mistake at work. pbs rewire
How to Bounce Back From a Mistake at Work

Mistakes happen—yes, even at work and even to the most careful and dedicated of employees. It’s how we […]