Julia Ries

Julia Ries is a writer based in Los Angeles. When she's not writing, there's a good chance she's doing yoga, walking her dog or doing yoga with her dog. Get to know her at www.juliaries.com.

Two packages delivered to a house with a red door. Rewire PBS Living Instagram ads
How Instagram Ads Have Changed the Way We Shop
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Are You in Love With Your Partner, or the Idea of Them?
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How Helping Others Can Improve Your Life, Too
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5 Ways to Squeeze Self-Care into Your Office Workday
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Why You Need to Schedule Some Alone Time
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When You Love Your Parents But Not Their Political Viewpoints
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Experiencing PTSD After Shootings, Even If You Weren’t There, is Normal
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Here’s Why It Can Be OK to Take a Salary Cut
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Could Contraceptive Jewelry Help People Who Forget the Pill?
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Are Dating Apps Making Us Commitment-phobes?
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