Julia Ries

Julia Ries is a writer based in Los Angeles. When she's not writing, there's a good chance she's doing yoga, walking her dog or doing yoga with her dog. Get to know her at www.juliaries.com.

Attractive businesswoman enjoys meditating during meeting. Other People's Stress pbs rewire
How to Protect Yourself from Other People’s Stress at Work

One weird meeting can ruin your whole day. It happens all the time: anxious bosses create anxious employees, and […]

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How More Sleep Can Turn You Into a Creative Genius

Sleep keeps the heart healthy, stress at bay, memory in tact and mental health afloat. But, on top […]

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Your Employer’s Letting You Pick Your Job Title. Now What?

You may have noticed that job titles have gotten a bit of a makeover recently. HR managers are […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Ditch Your Friends When You’re In Love

There’s something magical about the start of a new relationship. Suddenly, you have a new person to dissect, […]

Man eating by himself looking longly out a window. Breakup Regret pbs rewire
There’s No Shame in Feeling Breakup Regret

There’s no denying that having your heart broken is devastating. The pain of being rejected by someone you […]

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How to Give Feedback Without Making it Weird

Let’s be frank about something: giving feedback can be tough. Critiquing someone or telling them where they went […]

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Stop Letting Stress Wreak Havoc on Your Body

Life can be stressful. There’s relationship stress and job stress. Maybe you’re on edge about paying off those […]

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Do You Have the Sunday Scaries, or Do You Just Hate Your Job?

If you wake up on Sunday mornings filled with dread about the week ahead, you aren’t alone. In […]

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The Case for Talking Salary With Coworkers

Let’s be frank about something: talking about how much money you make with your coworkers can be downright […]