Jamie Lynne Burgess

Jamie Lynne Burgess is a writer who is fascinated by how places shape culture. She also loves podcasts, personal essays, and public libraries. Get in touch on Twitter @jamburgess or follow her on instagram @jamielynneburgess.

A transgender woman in a hospital gown having a conversation with a doctor. Rewire PBS Living Patient Rights
Do You Know Your Patient Rights at a Hospital?
First of all, you have the right to be respected when you're receiving care.
A realtor explains a mortgage to a couple. One of them doesn't look too sure about it. Rewire PBS Love Buy a House
I’m Ready to Buy a House. My Partner Isn’t. What Should We Do?
For best results, settle these conflicts before you begin your search
Photo of woman presenting to a board of directors. Boards pbs rewire
Why Boards Need Young Professionals and How to Join
You don't have to be loaded to be on a board.
Photo of a worried couple reading bad news on a phone. Rewire PBS Living Texting
When Is Texting the Wrong Way to Share Big News?
Typing it out may be easier but don't underestimate the power of your voice.
Photo of three step-sisters sitting at a cafe picnic table. Stepsibling pbs rewire
How to Take the ‘Ugly’ out of Stepsibling Dynamics
If you find yourself with a few adult stepsiblings on your hands, don't assume the relationships aren't worth pursuing.
Photo of a labor union meeting of workers. Labor Unions pbs rewire
Why Young Workers Are Embracing Labor Unions
Millennials are more pro-union than generations before
African-american couple in love cooking vegetarian lunch together in kitchen. Food Compatibility pbs rewire
Finding Food Compatibility with Your Live-in Love

Walking into our local grocery store for the first time after moving in together, John was carrying the […]

Photo of young professionals walking up staircase. Work Wardrobe pbs rewire
Your Work Wardrobe Shouldn’t Feel Like a Costume

If only we could all have a tiny Tan France who lives in our closets and tells us […]

Photo of woman having healing crystals put onto her body. New Age pbs rewire
Is It Worth Looking Into ‘New Age’ Treatments to Health Problems?

Remember when you were little, and you’d step off the tire swing and relish that whirlwind feeling of […]

Young biracial couple holding hands after moving in together. Move in with your partner pbs rewire
How to Move In With Your Partner and Not Hate It

More adults are living with roommates than ever. What was supposed to be a “cyclical phenomenon” related to […]

Young African-American confused while looking at his laptop. Cryptominers pbs rewire
Hacked: How Cryptominers Might Be Hijacking Your Computer

Having grown up on the internet, it has always felt like a young person’s playground, a place for […]

Young man taking picture with phone while traveling. Travel Solo pbs rewire
How To Keep Your Relationship Healthy When You Travel Solo

When I decided to take 15 months to travel solo in France last year, leaving my (very) committed […]