Heather Adams

Heather Adams is a freelance reporter based in Los Angeles. She often reports on religion, foster care and disability rights. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more on these topics, plus photos of her two dogs.

Young teacher helping his student in chemistry class. Rewire PBS Our future disabled people
Why Do We Make It so Hard for Disabled People to Go to College?
Anna Landre won her battle. Now she's trying to win the war.
A family of four. The parents have the kids on their shoulders. Rewire PBS Living Suicide
How Social Media Has Made Us More Willing to Talk About Suicide
'I wish Denny had seen someone else's video. But since he didn't, I'm grateful that I've been able to stop other families from losing someone.'
Line drawing on white background of three clasped hands. Rewire PBS Living Suicide
Colleges Are Training Students to Help Peers at Risk for Suicide
The programs hope to end the awkward silence around suicide in young adults.
Two people hug. Rewire PBS Living Artificial Intelligence
How AI Is Helping to Detect Suicide Risk in LGBTQ Youth, Veterans
'LGBTQ youth in crisis deserve the best care that can be provided to them.'
African American person sitting sadly on a bench. Rewire PBS Living Daily Suicidal Thoughts
What It’s Like to Live With Daily Suicidal Thoughts
One rule of thumb: Don't dismiss any mention of suicide.
Photo of two women shopping at a bridal expo. Wedding Scammer pbs rewire
The Wedding Scammer: What’s Up With Bridal Expos?

After attending a bridal expo, Jessica Bishop, founder of The Budget Savvy Bride, started getting calls from numbers […]

Photo of woman holding her cat at vet hospital. Expensive Pet Surgery pbs rewire
Should You Pay Up For That Expensive Pet Surgery?

Getting the news your dog or cat is sick or injured is a nightmare for pet parents — one […]

Photo of African-American couple online shopping together. Wedding Planning pbs rewire
Wedding Planning Before the Proposal? For Many, It’s the Norm.

Allana and Brock Johnson found the perfect outdoor wedding venue in early February 2015, interviewed wedding DJs the […]

Two African-American sisters laughing together. Sibling Relationships pbs rewire
Sibling Relationships Change as You Get Older — and That’s Good

When Rachael Gaskell, 23, was about 6 years old, her parents died, and she and her brother were […]

Man sprinkling salt into baking bowl. Hobby pbs rewire
The Case for Having a Hobby Without the Side Hustle

There are hundreds of articles out there on how to turn your hobby into a money-making side hustle. […]

handsome african american businessman paying with cash in cafe. Rewire PBS Work Tipping
How Have Apps Changed Tipping Culture?

When you last ordered at your local coffee shop, you were likely prompted to tip 15, 20 or […]

Two women holding a cute dog. Transitional housing pbs rewire
Why Welcoming Pets Makes Transitional Housing More Accessible

Imagine needing desperately to escape, but being held back because someone you love couldn’t come with you. That […]