Gabe Zaldivar

Gabe Zaldivar is a Los Angeles-based writer who has covered all manner of sports for Bleacher Report and, as well as all manner of travel interests for

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How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?
The No. 1 sleep expert to trust is your own body.
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Is Ghosting the New Normal in a Competitive Job Market?
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How Men Can Help Stop Sexual Harassment and Assault
Listening without pushing back is a great place to start.
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How to Beat Back the Burden of Dad Guilt

Guilt — nature’s wonderful way of ensuring you never have too good a time. As if wading through […]

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What Chronic ‘Phubbing’ Can Do to Your Relationship

The fact that many of you are reading this right now with your partner next to you at […]

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The Key to Winning an Argument Isn’t What You Think

At some point, you and your unstoppable force of an opinion will meet an immovable, argumentative antagonist. If […]