Dana Halferty

Dana Halferty is a lifestyle and adventure photojournalist who can most often be found in a hot spring or writing music when she isn’t telling stories through photographs. Invite her on a roadtrip, offer up a negroni or talk to her about the ocean and you might be her next best friend. You can follow her on instagram @danahalferty.

Photo of person foraging for oysters in Washington state. pbs rewire
Aw, Shucks: Harvest Your Own Oysters With an Expert Forager

Highway 101 along the Hood Canal in Washington makes for a winding drive, tracing the coastline with misty […]

Photo of someone's Stick-and-Poke tattoo on their forearm. pbs rewire
Stick-and-Poke Tattoo Culture Isn’t What You Think

If the term “stick-and-poke” conjures images of regretful drunken evenings that end with college roommates scratching peace signs […]

Clothing as Disposable pbs rewire
Why We Need to Stop Thinking of Our Clothing as Disposable

What do you do with clothes you can’t donate? Despite the fact that nearly 100 percent of textiles are […]

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Is Tarot the Answer to Your Break With Spirituality?

Many of us grew up sitting in a church, mosque or synagogue alongside our families. But while 59 […]

Photo of a couple petting their greyhound dog. Rewire PBS Living Greyhound
One Grateful Greyhound, With 6,000 More Racing to Be Adopted

Greyhound racing seems to be racing into obscurity. In November, Florida residents voted to end the sport in […]

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Why Indoor Plants are a Trend You Should Buy Into

‘Tis the season of binging Netflix and avoiding the frigid outdoors. But with 90 percent of our lives spent inside, according […]