Chaya Milchtein

Chaya Milchtein is an automotive speaker and writer. She's made it her mission to educate people about their cars. Find her on Twitter @mechanicfemme.

how i became a feminist car expert
How I Became a Feminist Car Expert
In 6 years, I went from not caring about cars, to making a living teaching people about them.
Person looking through snow covered car windshield. Living Winter Car Care Rewire PBS
Should I Pour Hot Water on My Icy Windshield? Debunking Winter Car Care Myths
Definitely don't do that! Blast the defroster or try a glass deicer.
Photo of some putting a for sale sign on a car. Rewire PBS Living old car
Ready to Upgrade? How to Sell (or Donate) an Old Car
It's tempting to trade in your car, but you'll likely get a lot less money that way.
A check engine light. rewire pbs living car
When Do I Really Need to Take My Car to the Shop?
Don't freak out the next time a dash light comes on.
An old, rusty car pbs rewire living old car
Is It Time to Get Rid of Your Old Car?
Rust, dry-rotted rubber, leaky fuel line — all things to think about when evaluating your old car.
Photo cropped to show someone's hands working on a car's engine. Rewire PBS Living Mechanic
When (and How) to Say No to Your Mechanic
If you feel pressured to go forward with a repair, pump the brakes.