Bobby Macey

Bobby is a full-scale content producer who enjoys writing articles, making videos and posting to his food Instagram account, @bobbyeatsit. He's been published nationally and writes on a variety of topics. He's known for his positive attitude and can-do spirit.

Photo of woman in a job interview. Land a Great Job pbs rewire
I Started Doing This One Thing on LinkedIn and Landed a Great Job
Some light personal branding will take you far on the networking site
Photo of African-American woman looking over a river at her new city. Big Move pbs rewire
4 Ways to Start Adapting After a Big Move

We’re a pretty mobile generation. And it’s because we have to be. As the economy grows and job […]

Photo of adult daughter holding mother's hands in hospital bed. Parent Diagnosed With Cancer pbs rewire
How to Support a Parent Diagnosed With Cancer and Cope as a Caregiver

More than 17 million people worldwide had some form of cancer in 2018, according to the American Cancer […]