How to Crush Your Job Search

The time has come for you to look for greener pastures, a.k.a. kick off your job search. Whether you’re hoping to move from an hourly day job into a career position or climb from an entry level post up the next rung of the corporate ladder, the hunt for something new takes time, perseverance and a deep well of self-esteem.

Job Search pbs rewireThere are some key ways you can make the most of this process (so you won’t have to do it again anytime soon):

Networking… social networking

For starters, don’t forget about LinkedIn. While it’s not the flashiest of social networks, LinkedIn hosts 10 million active job listings from all around the world. If you manage your network and your profile well, this could be an avenue to something great.

Find out more about how to network your way to a new gig. (P.S. Experts have found that professionals with big networks earn more money.)

Strategies for interview success

All your hard work has paid off—you’ve got an interview lined up for the job of your dreams. But that’s no time to get complacent. The market is flooded with candidates who are just like you. How can you stand out from the crowd?

Jennifer Rogers, the associate director of employer relations at the University of St. Thomas, offered these tips to new job seekers:

Practice being the best you

One final bit of advice before that big meeting: Take a cue from Harvard University social scientist Amy Cuddy and actively practice being confident.

“The meta-analyzing we do of other people’s reactions to us: That’s the downfall,” Cuddy said in an interview with Harvard. “It takes us completely out of the moment in terms of the thoughts we’re having, but it also really mucks up the gears in our brain.”

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Marissa Blahnik

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