Protégé Biomedical pbs rewire
Work It – Protégé Biomedical

Husband and wife team Susie and Michael Wuollett were shocked when they stumbled upon a brand new way […]

fashion story
The Fashion Story of Queen Victoria

Did you know that the tradition of wearing a white wedding dress started with Queen Victoria? She was […]

sherlock's hat
Sherlock’s Hat

Did you ever wonder where Sherlock got his now infamous hat? The story behind it is both interesting […]

Asiya – Work It

Asiya is an activewear company that is changing the lives of Muslim girls and women by producing culturally-appropriate […]

love pbs rewire
Why I Love PBS

A lot of people love PBS for many different reasons. These people REALLY love PBS and here’s why.

Martin Luther King Jr. Park pbs rewire
The History of Martin Luther King Jr. Park in Minneapolis, MN

Learn the history of the black history playground built at Martin Luther King Jr. Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

bob ross
Bob Ross Paint-along w/ Leslie Barlow “Christmas Eve Snow”

Bob Ross. The man, the myth, the legend. The hair. Minneapolis artist Leslie Barlow has always been a […]

pumpkin pie pbs rewire
Pumpkin Pie in a Jar

Don’t want to do the same old dessert on Thanksgiving? You’re young(ish), hip(ish), and cultured (definitely cultured). Worry […]

facebook live
When to Quit Your Day Job Facebook Live Q&A
herbivorous butcher
Herbivorous Butcher – Work It

Meet siblings Aubry and Kale Walch, co-owners of the vegan butcher The Herbivorous Butcher and learn how they […]

skyway sessions
Skyway Sessions – PBS Digital Studios

Rewire’s amazing new series: “Skyway Sessions” features incredible local bands that serenade an impromptu crowd in the St. […]

pudge cat
Pudge Cat – Work It

Meet Kady Lone, a social media savvy human who used her smarts and skills to create a business […]