Buying Your First Home pbs rewire
What to Know Before Buying Your First Home

Video by Trevor Vaubel Whether you’re renting or living with your family, if your name isn’t on the […]

A photo of Stephanie Bertumen, host of the Startup Starter Pack series on Rewire. Rewire PBS Work Business Idea
5 Ways to Know if Your Business Idea is Any Good

You think it’s a million-dollar business idea, and maybe your buddy does too. But does your big dream […]

Gender pbs rewire
Should our government have a 50/50 gender split?

If we made “America From Scratch” today, would our government have a gender quota? Please SUBSCRIBE! ►► […]

Willie's Superbrew pbs rewire
Farmer Willie’s Is Now Willie’s Superbrew

Having led the rebranding transition of an alcoholic superfood brewer, Ellen McNeill knows a thing or two about […]

young Asian American woman in a suit jacket. Rewire PBS Work Entrepreneur
How to Think Like an Entrepreneur

Moving any project from the germ of an idea into something tangible takes planning, vision and a lot […]

constitution pbs rewire
Should we rewrite our constitution?

The average lifespan of a country’s constitution is 12 years. But the U.S. Constitution has been around for […]

Leeore Levinstein, Elizabeth Alonzi, Jesse Abelson of Vetiver Solutions pose with Richard Schulze. Rewire PBS Work Vetiver Solutions
Vetiver Solutions Makes a Social Impact and Wins Big

A team of college students from the University of Minnesota combined their talents and passion for social change […]

states pbs rewire
What if there were no states?

States: they’re a fact of American life we take largely for granted. But why do we need them […]

Farmer Willie's pbs rewire
Craft Ginger Beer Company Farmer Willie’s Navigates Rebrand

This story starts with a coastal goat farmer and ends with an alcoholic superbrew. At the midpoint of […]

President pbs rewire
Should We Have a President?

If we made “America From Scratch” today, would we have a president? We spend a lot of time […]

Host of video smiling Managing Conflict pbs rewire
Make Managing Conflict Your Superpower

We manage conflicts, big and small, every single day. Some of us manage it well, and others—let’s just […]

Teenager holds
Should 12-Year-Olds be Allowed to Vote?

If we made “America From Scratch” today, would 12-year-olds be allowed to vote? Voting age takes on new […]