Video image Rewire Live with Special Guest Mike Rugnetta

Rewire was privileged enough to spend an hour interviewing Mike Rugnetta, host/writer of the PBS Digital Studios web series Idea Channel & the podcast Reasonably Sound. We were able to touch on how he became an internet influencer and entrepreneur as well as what his favorite Anime is. It’s a lot of fun, so check

Video image Climate Legacy

A majority of people living in the U.S. are concerned about climate change. Sometimes it can seem as though all of the talk surrounding the subject can be very negative. Some nonprofits and companies are spearheading initiatives to change the climate trajectory of the planet. But there is hope.

Video image Grown Up Club

As we get older, it can feel harder and harder to make friends. We’re no longer stuck in a classroom or a dorm with a bunch of people our age who probably share a lot of our interests. There are no more school clubs or extracurricular activities. And, depending on your personality, it can be

Video image Duchess Harris Explains the Politics of Possibility

By now, we all know the inspiring story—popularized by the Academy Award-nominated film “Hidden Figures”—of the Black women mathematicians who worked at NASA during the Space Race. Duchess Harris, professor and chair of the American Studies department at Macalester College, knew this story inside and out long before it hit the theaters.

Video image Questions on Criminal Law with Kinsella & Foley Defense

Despite a negative perception of lawyers, Robert Foley and Dana Kinsella, criminal defense attorneys, got into the profession to serve the public. They formed the Minneapolis-based law firm, Kinsella and Foley Defense in November 2016 and are passionate about fighting for the rights of their clients.

Video image Chef Yia Vang Celebrates Hmong Culture with Food

In elementary school, Chef Yia Vang was embarrassed to talk about what his family ate for dinner. He’s now a cook and the co-owner of a pop-up restaurant, Union Kitchen, that celebrates the food and traditions of his Hmong culture.

Video image How to Start Skateboarding, and Why It’s Good for You

Have you always wanted to try skateboarding but didn’t know how to get started? Mark Rodriguez, owner of 3rd Lair Skatepark in Golden Valley, Minnesota, explains how people interested in skateboarding can get involved in the sport.

Video image Questions on Male Fertility with Trak Fertility

It turns out that men are very underserved in the world of fertility assistance. That’s where Trak Fertility steps in with their comprehensive approach to male fertility.

Video image Susan Brown Raises Bees to Make Honey Bon-Bons

When she was in college, Susan Brown decided to cut out processed sugar in favor of honey “to bring the best out in [her] body.” Now she’s an urban beekeeper who uses her bees’ honey to make beautiful bon-bons at her gourmet chocolate shop, Mademoiselle Miel.

Video image Questions in Front of Sticky Notes with The Social Lights

Ever wondered if you know enough about social media to get your start-up off the ground? This piece of marketing is just as important as the rest, and sometimes even easier to mess up. That’s where The Social Lights become an option.

Video image Park & Diamond Win 100k E-Fest Competition

Park & Diamond, a startup founded by two college students from Virginia Tech, has one simple goal: to improve cycling safety, starting with the helmet. The duo won the first E-fest competition at the University of St. Thomas Schulze School of Entrepreneurship.

Video image Work It – Player’s Health

Meet Tyrre Burks of Player’s Health, a powerful platform to manage the health and wellness of an entire sports organization. Player’s Health provides athletic organizations with the essential medical information and injury reporting via a HIPAA compliant mobile application to manage the health and care of youth athletes.