Two women dancing in colorful Indian traditional dresses. Rewire PBS Work Ragamala Dance Company
Blending Generations and Cultures, Ragamala Dance Company Soars

Dance is so much more than movement. It strengthens us physically, mentally and it can be a conduit […]

Photo of 4 young men, smiling at the camera. Rewire PBS Work Water Scarcity
These Social Entrepreneurs are Taking on Water Scarcity
Can they harness rainfall to bring relief?
A young couple sits on the couch with laptops. Rewire PBS Work Infertility
Turning Infertility into a Fruitful Opportunity
Elyse Ash couldn't find the network she needed. So she built it herself.
Photo collage of 3 pictures, one with yellow lemons and garlic cloves, one with olives and one a shop window displaying Holy Land deli's logo. Rewire PBS Work Holy Land
The Hummus That Revitalized a Neighborhood
Is it the secret ingredient to bring us all together?
Photo collage of 3 images, a large, yellow hibiscus flower, a woman and an older man, and the exterior of Hyannis Country Garden. Rewire PBS Work
Hyannis Country Garden is a Family Business With Deep Roots

Jocelyn Duffley was no stranger to Hyannis Country Garden when she took over as president and general manager. […]

Photo collage of an astronaut, an American flag and a Mars station. Rewire PBS Our Future Colonize Mars
Should the United States Colonize Mars?

NASA’s plans to go back to the Moon and eventually Mars have been expedited by President Donald Trump. […]

Photo of a young man smiling. Rewire PBS Work Drone Innovation
His Drone Innovation Exceeded His Expectations – So He Dreamed Bigger
How a simple solution unlocked an extraordinary opportunity.
Photo collage of people protesting with signs saying
Should the U.S. Build a Wall on Both of its Borders?

The border between the USA and Mexico has been dominating the headlines, but what about the other border […]

A grid of photos looking down on the ingredients to prepare Maazah Chutney. Rewire PBS Work
This Chutney is Out to Dominate Your Ketchup Obsession
The Sajady sisters take on America's palate with a family recipe
Photo of group of young people on adventure near a lake. Ridj-it pbs rewire
Wheels Up on Adventure, City-Dweller
The Ridj-it startup gets you outside, one carpool at a time
Photo of a barber shop sign. Barber Shop Museum pbs rewire
This Barber Shop Museum is a Feast for the Eyes

Produced and filmed by Martin Blanco, edited by Clayton Stansberry. A living tradition “I had a dream to […]

Photo of Idnani Kumar, co-founder of HabitAware, a mental health technology startup. Hair Pulling Disorder pbs rewire
How a Hair Pulling Disorder Inspired a Smart Bracelet Startup

For more than 20 years, Aneela Idnani Kumar hid her hair pulling disorder. Disguising her absent eyebrows with […]