Photo of a barber shop sign. Barber Shop Museum pbs rewire
This Barber Shop Museum is a Feast for the Eyes

Produced and filmed by Martin Blanco, edited by Clayton Stansberry. A living tradition “I had a dream to […]

Photo of Idnani Kumar, co-founder of HabitAware, a mental health technology startup. Hair Pulling Disorder pbs rewire
How a Hair Pulling Disorder Inspired a Smart Bracelet Startup

For more than 20 years, Aneela Idnani Kumar hid her hair pulling disorder. Disguising her absent eyebrows with […]

Black and white image of James Brown jumping on a pink background with green circles. Sound Field Rewire PBS
‘Sound Field’ Will Take Your Music Obsession to the Next Level

Think about your favorite song. Then think about why you love it so much. The answer is probably […]

Sunrise Banks teller helping a customer. pbs rewire
Sunrise Banks Helps its Community By Redefining Profit

Social good and banking don’t often go hand-in-hand. David Reiling, CEO of Sunrise Banks, is trying to change […]

Michael Mader working on a pair of socks. Hippy Feet pbs rewire
A Passion for Socks Inspired Hippy Feet to Support the Homeless

People become entrepreneurs for all sorts of reasons. Some have an unwavering drive to bring a new product […]

Daphne Lee, of JUDiTH+ROLFE, carefully works on her paper art. pbs rewire
JUDiTH+ROLFE Brings an Edge to Paper Art

Daphne Lee is still getting comfortable using the word artist. But as the creative mind behind the moniker […]

E-Waste Recycler pbs rewire
E-Waste Recycler Tech Dump Finds Value in What’s Discarded

If you’ve spent any time waiting around an airport recently, you won’t be surprised to hear that roughly […]

Minnesota RollerGirls Roller Derby League in action. pbs rewire
Get Riled Up With Roller Derby League Minnesota RollerGirls

Between the lighting and booming music, the Roy Wilkins Auditorium in St. Paul, Minnesota, has the atmosphere of […]

Launching Your Startup. Young business woman, Priyanka Verma, speaking from a stage with quote on screen
Entrepreneurs Share Pro Tips for Launching Your Startup

Need some quick advice to kick your startup plans into high gear? Successful entrepreneurs Ryan Feit, co-founder of […]

Bicycle resting by Brake Bread sidewalk sign. Community Bakery pbs rewire
This Community Bakery Found Sustainability With Bicycles

Nate Houge and Micah Taylor founded Brake Bread – St. Paul, Minnesota’s premiere Community Support Bakery that delivers […]

Indie video game designer Charles McGregor working on a laptop in a park. pbs rewire
How to Make an Indie Video Game

With over 7,500 video games released on distribution platform Steam alone in 2017, it can be difficult for […]

Should we police the police?

The people of the United States are not united on how they view law enforcement officers. But the […]