Hearing The Beatles pbs rewire
Hearing The Beatles for the First Time

The Beatles are arguably the most popular band that has ever existed on this planet. Though Beatlemania might not be as strong as it was decades ago, the group’s influence on today’s musicians can still be felt. Hearing The Beatles for the first time is a one-time experience—and, for some, a very powerful one. Take […]

Sacred Tobacco pbs rewire
Public TV Producer Leya Hale Explains Reclaiming Sacred Tobacco

Long before Philip Morris became the largest cigarette producer in the United States, the tobacco plant was considered sacred by some Native American tribes and used for medicinal and ceremonial purposes. When the federal government outlawed their traditional religious practices, which included the use of traditional tobacco, many Native American tribes began incorporating commercial tobacco […]

Refugee pbs rewire
What It Means to Be a Refugee

By Kate McDonald Ifrah Mansour is a multimedia artist and teacher living in Minneapolis. Much of her work centers around the Somali refugee experience. She recently read her poem “I Am a Refugee” at Twin Cities World Refugee Day, where these portraits were taken. She spoke with me about the story behind her work. Rewire: Can you describe your own […]

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Street Art: Tiny Mouse Doors in the City

Mows510 is the artist behind the tiny mouse doors that have been bringing joy to cities around the world. After discovering street art in the late 90’s, Mows spent over a decade as a super fan. He traveled across the globe, photographing and chronicling the mysterious culture of guerrilla art. Mows tells the story behind how he turned his obsession into his craft.

Happy Birthday PBS rewire
Happy Birthday PBS!

What does PBS mean to you? To celebrate PBS’s anniversary, here’s the internet’s love letter to public television. For more PBS content, check out our “I <3 PBS” page!

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In a Better Place: Inside a Pet Cemetery

The Memorial Pet Cemetery is the oldest pet cemetery in Minnesota. Established in 1924, Memorial Pet Cemetery is the final resting place for an estimated 8,000 cats, dogs, guinea pigs, turtles, tortoises, two brown rats and a parrot. James Wesby has been the caretaker since 1986 and says at 80-years-old that he has “lots of […]

Cohousing pbs rewire
Cohousing: Is it right for you?

Cohousing is the term for an intentional community of unrelated folks who live together—either in the same building or on the same land—and share the responsibility of maintaining the place they live. To learn more about how people in cohousing communities resolve problems click here.

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Reading My Coming Out Diaries

Rewire’s web editor reads her own journal entries spanning her coming out process—from denial to the aftermath of a difficult conversation. Want to know more on what it’s like coming out? Check this out.

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How Do People Solve Problems in Cohousing?

Think back to learning to live with your first roommate. Likely, lots of co-decisions needed to be made about your living space, and probably you didn’t always agree. Now multiply that by 20, or even 40. In cohousing communties around the country, large groups of people are living and making decisions together. And making it work.

Kell's Kitchen pbs rewire
Meal Prep 101: Butternut Squash Quinoa Salad

Welcome to Kell’s Kitchen, where Kelli shows us how to save money on work lunches while creating delicious meals! Kelli creates a deliciously high-protein quinoa and roasted butternut squash salad, with savory chicken and a fresh cilantro garnish.

Unique Job Interview Tips pbs rewire
5 Unique Job Interview Tips for Beginners

Learn 5 uncommon strategies to help you crush your upcoming job interview. Jennifer Rogers is the associate director of employer relations at the University of St. Thomas and she details the following tips to help you succeed.

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Rewire Live with Special Guest Mike Rugnetta

Rewire was privileged enough to spend an hour interviewing Mike Rugnetta, host/writer of the PBS Digital Studios web series Idea Channel & the podcast Reasonably Sound. We were able to touch on how he became an internet influencer and entrepreneur as well as what his favorite Anime is. It’s a lot of fun, so check […]