4 Top Tips for Networking Beginners

Etiquette still matters these days. Especially when it comes to networking. According to CareerXroads, a staffing consulting firm, just 13% of all external hires at the Fortune 500 employers it surveys are filled using online job boards (excluding LinkedIn, which CareerXroads calls “direct sourcing”). Most jobs are still earned through referrals and/or face-to-face networking, where making a good impression is key.

Matt Grega is a 21 year-old college student looking to step up his networking game. Grega confessed that he fears small talk and the thought of attending a networking event is torture for him. “It’s so difficult for me,” Grega said. “I really think I need some help.”  

Pleased to meet you

Etiquette expert Arden Clise helps professionals improve their networking skills. Her website states that networking is one of the most important ways to grow your career, but most people would rather have a root canal than talk to people they don’t know. However, learning some important etiquette tips can help improve comfort, confidence, conversation skills—all essential to making a good impression at an industry networking event.  

In the video above, Clise guides Grega through some essential networking tips including the perfect handshake, remembering someone’s name, entering a group conversation, and mastering the art of holding your food plate and drink in one hand.  

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