The Rise of The Riveter: Making Coworking Work for Women

In the face of the #metoo movement and the current political climate, is there value in women-first workspaces? The people behind this movement think so—female-centric coworking spaces are popping up all across the country.

Women now represent more than half of independent workers and say they crave community and support in a way that traditional workplaces lack. That’s why Amy Nelson started Seattle’s The Riveter, a women-first coworking space that offers business education and community tailored for female entrepreneurs. Since it got its start in 2017, The Riveter has since grown to include a second location and recently raised $4.75 million to expand offices across the country.

We spoke with Nelson about the need for coworking spaces built by and for women, and how women are thriving through having a space to call their own.

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