Make Managing Conflict Your Superpower

We manage conflicts, big and small, every single day. Some of us manage it well, and others—let’s just say some others could use a little coaching. Add in the challenges of launching a new business and those common conflicts can turn into a pressure cooker of stress and anxiety, capable of destroying your project and your relationships.

The first step is recognizing the difference between task conflicts—conflicts that arise between team members about some part of a task they’re performing—and relationship conflicts—these have to do with personality and emotion. Differentiating between the two can help you understand how to manage whichever conflict you’re presented with.

Identify and relieve

Despite the common connotation of the word, conflict is not necessarily a bad thing. Understanding it, and being prepared to navigate it, are skills essential to moving your entrepreneurial endeavor ahead.

This “Startup Starter Pack” video is based on a resource created by Daniel Forbes, associate professor of strategic management and entrepreneurship at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management. It details strategies to keep conflict to a minimum and how to best deal with it when it arises.

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