Energetic Entrepreneur Innovates to Destigmatize Diabetes

Starting any business takes passion, creativity and drive. Starting a business while you’re also finishing college demands those traits in triplicate.

Entrepreneur Meghan Sharkus, a rising junior at the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship at the University of St. Thomas  and the founder and CEO of ExpressionMed, a medical tape startup, is undaunted by the demands of both pursuits. Or, if daunted, she has enough exuberance to maintain her motivation despite the challenges. And she’s lucky to have found a willing mentor in entrepreneurship professor Laura Dunham.

Designed to destigmatize

As a high schooler, Sharkus recognized an opportunity and sprang into action. When a friend with diabetes was faced with unwanted attention for her condition due to conspicuous medical tape and tan lines, Sharkus was inspired to create a product to let the wearer’s personality outshine their condition.

After high school graduation and two years of research, ExpressionMed launched sales of its personalized tapes for insulin pumps in 2016.

ExpressionMed was the top winner at the 2018 Schulze Entrepreneurship Challenge, part of e-Fest® 2018, an undergraduate entrepreneurship competition that attracted 149 top teams from 110 schools of business and entrepreneurship across North America. But success to Sharkus extends beyond recognition from her peers and industry leaders.

“A lot of people think you get fulfilled with money,” Sharkus said. “But when you get an email that says ‘your tape changed my daughter’s life,’ that’s fulfillment.”

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This video is part of America’s Entrepreneurs: Making it Work, a Rewire initiative made possible by the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation and EIX, the Entrepreneur and Innovation Exchange.

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