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Searching for Remote Work? These Websites Can Help

by Robert Yaniz Jr.
September 17, 2018 | Work

Job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder are pretty common knowledge to anyone who has ever looked for a job. But while these mainstream sites—especially Indeed, which compiles the best posts from across the web—feature some telecommute jobs among the listings, jobseekers exclusively searching for remote opportunities often need a resource a little more tailored to their needs.

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Working remotely for yourself is becoming the new normal. But it takes a lot of work to sift through the opportunities that are out there.

Beyond the listing sites, Pilar Orti, director of Virtual not Distant, takes it one step further, cautioning that not all remote jobs are created equal.

“Don't assume that, just because a role is remote, there is any flexibility or autonomy within it,” she said. “Find out as much as you can about the culture, pay attention to the language they use and how thorough their recruitment process is.”

Leading the charge

The number of remote employees in the workforce has been steadily rising. In 2012, 39 percent of workers were remote; by 2016, this group had increased to 43 percent, according to Gallup's State of the American Workplace survey. And millennials are the ones pushing for these changes in the working world, Parade reported.

To find the right fit, remote workers need a lot of options. Here are some of the best places to look off the beaten path.

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  • Fiverr: This isn’t a traditional job board, but rather an online marketplace wherein freelance professionals buy and sell a wide range of digital services. The focus is more on project work, but it’s a great way to gain some experience and earn some extra cash.
  • FlexJobs: A subscription-based service, FlexJobs offers job postings across more than 50 categories. Though its coverage includes flexible schedule, freelance and full-time remote work, the site places a clear emphasis on a more modern working style.
  • Freelancer: Rather than applying for work, freelancers here bid on projects. These could involve everything from data entry to local services such as painting and manual labor. Essentially, it is perfect for remote workers willing to more openly compete for jobs.
  • Guru: Similar to Freelancer, Guru allows workers to present quotes on commissioned projects posted by employers. The site’s process leaves more room for negotiation between employer and applicants, which makes it more attractive for remote workers.
  • Hubstaff Talent: While many similar sites require upfront fees or take a percentage of each project, Hubstaff Talent prides itself on being a 100 percent free resource connecting companies and remote workers. The site is as straightforward and no-frills as they come.
  • Jobspresso: When you search for remote jobs online, you sometimes can’t tell if you’re onto something worthwhile or some kind of scam. Thankfully, Jobspresso meticulously reviews every opportunity it advertises, ensuring that only the best listings make the cut.
  • Let’s Work Remotely: More than another remote job board, Let’s Work Remotely’s goal is to create a community among remote workers and “digital nomads.” So, in addition to tons of relevant job listings, you can join more than 100,000 other like-minded workers.
  • Outsourcely: This is a great option for remote workers on the lookout for full-time roles, and to sweeten the deal, the site doesn’t charge workers the typical fees. Instead, the employer is responsible for the service charges, allowing jobseekers to keep hunting.
  • Though it’s still on the rise, remote work is on the verge of going mainstream, and fancies itself a key resource in pushing it forward. The site has plenty of job listings but also many useful tips for workers and companies alike.
  • Remotive: Another community-focused remote work site, Remotive has a wide selection of jobs but also offers a bi-monthly newsletter to keep users motivated and updated on the most exciting listings and how they can push their remote career to greater success.
  • Skip the Drive: Instead of having to register or pay a regular subscription fee, users of this site can enjoy the benefits of remote job boards without the hassle. After all, Skip the Drive was born from a desire to simplify your work life and eliminate the headaches.
  • Upwork: One of the more popular sites for freelancers and remote workers, Upwork emerged from the ashes of previous job boards like Elance and oDesk. The site covers virtually any kind of work, providing a secure platform for projects of any length.
  • Virtual Vocations: Although it features more than 10,000 remote job listings, Virtual Vocations offers tiered access that limits how much users can see or apply for. Even so, the site’s sheer volume of opportunities may make it a worthwhile investment.
  • We Work Remotely: Whether you work in marketing or programming, We Work Remotely—which boasts one of the largest communities for the remote workforce, with more than 1.5 million monthly users—will certainly have something for you.
  • Work-at-Home Success: Dating all the way back to 1998, this is very likely one of the oldest job boards for remote workers. But that still doesn’t take away from just how useful its job postings and invaluable advice is for those committed to telecommuting.
  • Working Nomads: This site makes a concerted effort to curate its global listing of remote job opportunities. With daily updates and a broad scope that includes pretty much every kind of remote job, here’s another remote job site you can trust.
Robert Yaniz Jr.
Robert Yaniz Jr. Yaniz Jr. is a full-time freelance writer specializing in business, marketing and entertainment. Over the last 15 years, he has covered everything from the regional business scene to the latest movies and TV shows. You can usually find him—laptop on hand—sipping a latte or chasing after his young daughter. For more on his work, check out or email him directly at [email protected] You can also find him on Twitter @robertyanizjr.
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