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Scott Kelly: King Of Space Instagram

by Leif Brostrom
February 29, 2016 | I ❤️ PBS

A Year in Space streaming now for a limited time.

Unless you've been harvesting potatoes on Mars, I'm hopeful you know that A Year in Space premieres this Wednesday, March 2 on PBS. It follows the incredible journey of Astronaut Scott Kelly on the first-ever 365-day Airbnb stay aboard the mighty ISS.

My friend Mallorie at WNIN in Evansville, IN had the brilliant idea to put together a blog of ISS Commander Kelly's Instagram pics to celebrate the premiere of the show and the incredible work he’s done in orbit in the last year.

Without further delay, let’s go to space. Here are 12 (one for each month) of our favorite moments from his feed.

February 2015:


March 2015:


April 2015:


May 2015:


June 2015:


July 2015:


August 2015:


September 2015:


October 2015:


November 2015:


December 2015:


January 2016:


February 2016:


Leif Brostrom
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