Will the Real Mark Wa(h)lberg Please Stand Up?

We’re lucky to live in an era when there are not one but two different Mark Wa(h)lbergs dominating the entertainment industry. But with this tremendous gift there also comes a burden: confusion. It can be hard, at times, to distinguish one Mark Wahlberg from another Mark Walberg. In an attempt to simplify things and better allow us all to just enjoy this Wa(h)lberg-rich existence we’ve put together this handy guide.

This Mark Walberg knows how to pretend he’s comfortable with a carousel horse.


This Mark Wahlberg knows how to pretend he’s comfortable break dancing.


This Mark Walberg loves to let you guess how much something is worth.


This Mark Wahlberg loves to let you guess how much he can bench.


This Mark Walberg knows what makes a good wagon.


This Mark Wahlberg knows what makes a good vibration.


This Mark Wahlberg is great at pretending he’s good with guns.


This Mark Walberg is great at pretending he’s good at game shows.


And, for good measure, this Donnie Wahlberg is great at wearing bandanas. 

New Kids

We hope you feel like you now better know your Wa(h)lbergs and can freely enjoy all the goodness Mark and Mark (and Marky Mark) bring to your life.

Levi Weinhagen, Rewire Engagement Coordinator

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