Which PBS characters would you invite to Thanksgiving dinner?

martha speaks

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! The Rewire team got to thinking about which characters from the PBS world we would invite to our Thanksgiving meals– as well as those we would perhaps rather not have at our tables. Behold—our personal list: who’s missing?

Leif Brostrom – TPT Marketing & Social Media Specialist

Peg + Cat are on the welcome and not welcome at dinner list.

Welcome: Peg and the cat would be really cute, and probably help clean up after the meal by counting all the silverware and plates to make sure nothing’s overlooked

Not Welcome: Peg is young and may whine a lot, and you’ll probably have to deal with some of Cat’s turkey hairballs with cranberry sauce.


Andi McDaniel – Rewire Manager

I would love to eat Thanksgiving dinner with Mr. Bean, mainly because he would make my family uncomfortable.

Martha Stewart— she’d be awesome, but I’d want her to mostly focus on cookies and making the table look awesome.

Cookie Monster— not welcome, because he’d eat all of the cookies, and probably the pecan pie, which is usually solely my turf.

Gwen Ifill would facilitate conversation nicely.

Mr. Rogers would probably invite the whole neighborhood and we don’t have enough chairs.


Bobby Edwards – TPT Associate Producer

Welcome: Cookie Monster (no leftovers, dessert heavy meal, downside would be all the blue fur)

Not Welcome: Thomas the Tank Engine (too big, doesn’t eat, one track mind)


Cathy Clark – TPT Copy Writer and Editor

No:  Bob Ross. There are things hiding in that Afro since last Thanksgiving.

Yes:  Hercule Poirot or Sherlock, in case anything goes missing from my silver.

No:  Clifford the Big Red Dog. Takes up whole table every year.

Yes:  Bill Moyers. He could talk to my stepmother about her radical socio-environmental views for hours.


Elle Krause-Lyons – TPT Communications Manager

There are a lot of PEOPLE on PBS I’d love to dine with, but their CHARACTERS…not so much.


  • Dame Maggie Smith
  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Kenneth Branagh
  • Maria Bamford
  • Fred Rogers


  • The Countess from “Downton Abbey”
  • Sherlock Holmes from “Sherlock”
  • Kurt Wallander from “Wallander”
  • Mrs. Botsford from “Word Girl”
  • Lady Elaine Fairchild from “Mister Rogers Neighborhood”

This is my other PBS Thanksgiving invite list: https://www.pbs.org/food/chefs/

It would be a potluck.



Joel Zimmerman – “MN Original” Production and Web Coordinator


  • Chris Kimball of “America’s Test Kitchen”
  • Bridget Lancaster of”America’s Test Kitchen”
  • Adam Ried of”America’s Test Kitchen” (Same alma mater! I saw him at reunion a couple years ago, but was too shy to say hi!)
  • Jack Bishop of “America’s Test Kitchen”
  • Guy Crosby of”America’s Test Kitchen”
  • All of the assistant chefs on”America’s Test Kitchen” who’re always working in the background. They deserve to have a break and enjoy the fruits of their labors.


  • Julia Collin Davison of”America’s Test Kitchen”
  • Becky Hays of”America’s Test Kitchen”
  • Julia McManus of”America’s Test Kitchen”

Too snooty, awkward, and dorky – in respective order.


Levi Weinhagen – Rewire Engagement Coordinator

Welcome: Fred Rogers, because I want Fred Rogers with me always.

Not Welcome: Basil Fawlty, because he would probably mention Nazis and end up destroying the turkey.

Levi Weinhagen, Rewire Engagement Coordinator

TPT Alter-Ego: The Newbie

Levi is absurdly excited about helping amazing people and organizations make awesome, fun, and funny live and digital projects with tpt. Prior to joining the Rewire revolution, Levi spent the past chunk of years with the Minnesota Historical Society and Science Museum of Minnesota helping connect young people with ideas new and old.

Additionally, Levi has been collaborating with creative weirdos for the last decade as a theater maker, comedy writer, performer, and occasional arts journalist. He is the co-founder of the all-ages theater company Comedy Suitcase. Levi is also the host of “Pratfalls of Parenting”, a weekly podcast about the relationship between being a maker of cool stuff and being a parent. Instead of sleeping, Levi is an art & culture consumer, compulsive exerciser, social media obsessive and dad. Let the wild rumpus start!