TV Takeover: Works Progress Studio Presents ‘Dear River’

Update: Full Episode Up Now!

The next TV Takeover features Work Progress Studio’s “Dear River,” an immersive and soulful reflection on what it means to be a community alongside the Mighty Mississippi. Dive into river stories that illustrate the relationship between place and environment, including:

  • Brand new videos produced by Works Progress Studio about life on the Mississippi River in the Twin Cities
  • Share your DEAR RIVER letter to the Mississippi River
  • Have your ecological fortune read by artist Christine Baeumler and her ECO-ORACLE deck
  • Sample local taps at a WATER BAR staffed by environmental scientists and other water resource experts
  • Enjoy a live musical performance by Jayanthi Kyle (Black Audience, Gospel Machine)

Food and drinks by Red Stag Supper Club, Icehouse Restaurant, Bryant Lake Bowl, and Indeed Brewing.

Learn more about Works Progress Studio and get your tickets at!

P.S. — take a peek at this awesome story on Medium to get even more info on their project.