The Mind Of A Chef Continues To Defy Convention

Ask Elle about my job interview. I name-dropped The Mind of a Chef about 34 times. The show is THAT good and I really wanted to get hired so I could tweet about it. This is the type of food show that makes you squirm in hunger in the best way possible. They move right past the exterior of a featured chef and get right down to business highlighting their personal story and their connection with the kitchen.

Just like last season, season four is spliced down the middle and features two very different chefs. NYC’s Gabrielle Hamilton leads off the first batch of eight episodes, followed by LA’s David Kinch. It’s your classic East Coast vs. West Coast food…er…feud.

In Episode 1, we get up-close-and-personal with Chef Gabrielle Hamilton. As owner, she’s been making the sauces and melting the butter at Prune in New York for the last 16 years. Gabrielle is a “make something out of nothing” kind of chef and she knows how to get what she wants from her staff and the ingredients on hand. Watching her craft a sauce was incredibly engaging (because of the big slice of bacon!), and being able to see how she instructs her staff on the technique for said sauce is even more fun—even if repetition is needed to really nail the outcome. Her electric smile and passion for simplicity are a sure sign of things to come in her remaining seven episodes.

The Mind of a Chef kicks off its fourth season bright and early* on Saturday, September 5th on TPT 2.

*8:30 a.m.

Pro Tip: Stream EVERY episode on your old roomie’s Netflix account for a limited time. You’ll never look at ramen the same way again. There are also a gaggle of clips and previews on TPT’s video portal.