National Dog Day: PBS Dogs for the Win

In honor of National Dog Day, we want to give a shout-out to our favorite PBS canines! Some of these smart, silly and inspiring pups have taught us things we will never forget.

Cheers to the PBS pups that have won our hearts…and belly rubs!

1. Wishbone

The godfather of all PBS dogs. Our beloved Jack Russell terrier friend, Wishbone, was smart and handsome and got us all to care about classic literature. DYK there were actually five Wishbone dog actors over the course of the show’s life?

We all think it’s time for a remake of this series. Dogs look so good on camera.

2. Isis

Speaking of dogs who look good on camera, Isis is our favorite dog butt to make an appearance on PBS—OR SO WE THOUGHT!

The first of Lord Grantham’s dogs was “named” Pharaoh however, he was never referred to by name and it’s really HIS butt in the opening credits! In season two, they switched dogs and decided to stay with the Egyptian themed names (Isis is a goddess in Egyptian mythology). This beautiful yellow lab stole our hearts on “Downton Abbey” and contrary to rumors during season five, she was not let go due to her name but because of the fact that she would have been twelve years old according to the story timeline.

3. Pal Read 

Another pup to get opening sequence action! Thanks, Arthur, for introducing us to Pal Read.

Ever thought about an aardvark having a dog for a pet? It could be like one of those headlines you see “Rescue Puppy Can’t Get Enough Of His Favorite Cow” or “Rescued Porcupine Takes Her New Puppy Brother On Wagon Rides” (yes, for real). But I mean, who can blame Arthur for having a dog? Man’s best friend…Aardvark’s best friend. Same thing.

4. Martha

From “Martha Speaks!” Martha is a mixed breed who eats alphabet soup and the letters go to her brain instead of her stomach so she can talk. WHAT?! <Runs home to make soup to share with dog.>

5. Clifford

Why is he red? In an interview with Norman Bridwell, author of the Clifford books, Bridwell explains that on the day he did the first painting, he painted the sky blue and the grass green and he happened to have a jar of red paint…and the rest is history!

Oh and let’s not forget all of his buddies: T-Bone, Cleo and Mac.

6. Barkley

One of the most underestimated friends on “Sesame Street.” He was technically Linda’s dog but Big Bird’s main squeeze and we always wished he’d get more on-screen time. Neither Linda nor Barkley are on the program any longer except for occasional special appearances. BTW, try watching the video and thinking about the human who is acting as Barkley in this clip. Whoa and LOL.


You may remember these well-dressed Weimaraners from a few stints on Sesame Street. We’ll just leave this here…

Maribel Lopez

An Iowa native, Maribel ventured to the north in 2010 upon accepting her first “real” job after college in TPT’s National Productions Department. She assisted with interesting PBS programs like “Slavery by Another Name” and “Constitution USA with Peter Sagal.” As Rewire’s Project Specialist, she’s paving the way to get Rewire’s content out into the world. A lifelong lover of public television, Maribel fits right in with her geeky colleagues. When she’s not “working” she likes to dance around in shoes with nails on the bottom of them and enjoys stopping to pet all the dogs she meets while walking her own dog, Carlos.