Which Iconic Sister from ‘Little Women’ are You?

It’s a timeless tale of girlhood, growing up, love and loss. But let’s be real—one of the best things about Louisa May Alcott‘s book “Little Women” is picking out which character you’re most like. It’s kind of the like the original Myers-Briggs test. (I’m surrounded by a bunch of people who want to be a Jo, of course.) No matter how old you get, if you’re a “Little Women” fan, you likely have strong opinions about, and alliances with, certain characters.

With PBS premiering the newest reboot of “Little Women” this weekend on “Masterpiece,” we wanted to dredge up this age-old discussion. So, which March sister are you?

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“Little Women” premieres on PBS’s “Masterpiece” on May 13, 2018. Check your local PBS station for broadcast dates and times, or watch online at PBS.org.

Katie Moritz

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