How’s Annie? ‘Twin Peaks’ Creator Mark Frost Offers Clues

What do “The Sopranos,” “Game of Thrones,” “Mr. Robot” and even “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” have in common? They all learned a few tricks from a guy named Mark Frost, the co-creator (along with David Lynch) of “Twin Peaks,” the 1990s television series that launched an international obsession with the question: “Who killed Laura Palmer?”

Mr. Frost recently sat down with me for two interviews on Twin Cities PBS, and I can now say with certainty: it’s a good time to be a “Twin Peaks” fan. Not only is Mark out with a new book, The Secret History of Twin Peaks, which expands the “Twin Peaks” mythology, he also confirmed the Showtime re-launch of the series is a go for 2017. And he’ll be right where we want him—in the driver’s seat.

It’s almost hard to imagine—Dale Cooper, the Log Lady, Laura Palmer. The whole, unsettling universe. It’s all coming back, and it’s (gratefully!) not buying into the current cultural obsession with self-referential prequels. Mark Frost and David Lynch are carrying their story into the future.

So, for all of us who will never forget the sight of Special Agent Dale Cooper smashing his face into that hotel mirror, 2017 will give us the best gift any long-suffering fan could receive. A chance to learn what happens next.


David Gillette

I’m a reporter, producer and illustrator at Twin Cities Public Television in St. Paul, Minnesota.