The Bloodiest Dinner ‘Downton Abbey, The Final Season’ Episode 5 Recap

Many of us were left in a bloody mess after episode five of Downton Abbey, The Final Season. If you haven’t watched, stop reading and stream it now

Spoilers ahead!

Julian Fellowes gave us the pleasure (?) of actually seeing what it is that has been bothering Lord Grantham. A bloody ulcer. Like an actual, bloody ulcer (not just using British slang, here). I watched this episode in a public place and shouted with disgust/fright when he spewed all over the dinner table during the heated hospital debate. All that bloody drama and well…it seems like he’s going to be okay. What a relief? With the fright of losing her father (and for his well-being, I might add!), Mary tells Tom they need to take over all of the business of the estate.

No one was looking forward to this dinner. The Dowager convinced (aka blackmailed) the Minister of Health to come to Downton so she could use him as an ally on the debacle. Well, Granny. Look at how that ended up. You practically killed your son.

As they carry Robert out on a stretcher, Cora tells Granny there have been enough secrets and the topic of Marigold comes up. Lady Mary is in earshot. She’s the only one that doesn’t know the truth about Marigold, remember? She gets suspicious and asks Anna if there had been any talk in the servants hall about Marigold. Anna bounces around the subject (naturally) and we are left with a Mary deep in thought. Maybe you don’t know EVERYTHING, Lady Mary.


The stress of the hospital isn’t only getting to Lord Grantham but also to…Denker? She’s appalled that Dr. Clarkson has switched his position on the issue and she calls him a traitor. The Dowager finds out and FLIPS OUT.

“If I withdrew my friendship from everyone who spoke ill of me, my address book would be empty!” – The Dowager Countess

She fires Denker right in front of Isobel and we’re all over here like, “SHE WAS STICKING UP FOR YOU.” The Countesses’ voice quivers and gets reeeeeally high, making for a rather hilarious scene. The next day, Denker essentially blackmails Spratt to stick up for her OR ELSE (she’ll tell on him for helping his runaway nephew). He talks some sense into The Countess and Denker is saved.

On a happier note, Baxter is off to testify in York. Moseley accompanies her there and as it turns out, the bad guy changed his plea before Baxter has to testify. It’s very anticlimactic but it seems like she’s off the hook.

Also happening downstairs: Mr. Mason gets settled in with the help of Daisy, Andrew and Mrs. Patmore. (Was Mrs. P flirting with Mr. M or am I just hopeful?) and we find out Andrew wants to learn about raising pigs. This is the second time he’s expressed interest in farming and he kind of shocked everyone by stepping up to help out Mr. Mason from time to time. Of course, Mr. Mason offers to teach him everything he knows, but gives Andrew some books to supplement his learning. Oh but wait, Andrew can’t read. No worries, Thomas offers to teach him (What?!) even though Andrew has been a pretty big jerk face to him.


We witness a funny scene with the newlyweds. Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson have dinner together at their cottage and OMG is Carson fussy. It’s ridiculous. Then, Mr. Carson asks Mrs. Patmore to help Mrs. Hughes out with her cooking skillz. Ouch. Compliments to the real chef, Mrs. P but she may have bigger things on the horizon. Her house is almost done. She’s excited and do we see a little tinge of jealousy from Mrs. Hughes?

Back in the upstairs world, Edith is headed to London to interview for a new (woman) editor and Bertie asks Edith to lunch. Papa thinks it’s a date. Edith insists it’s not. Mary agrees but then later asks who the date is with and Edith (again) insists it’s not a date, it’s a friend.


In fancy Londontown, Edith and Bertie go for a walk in the park and then…get ready…EDITH INVITES HIM TO HER FLAT! (How modern.) “Racy plan,” Mr. Pelham says. She just wants his opinion on the flat. Yeah, right. At her flat, they talk about her plans to be in London more and as they head out for dinner, Edith says how much she loves the cafe they are going to, “How did you know to choose it?” “I knew we’d love the same things.” He replied. They KISS. (Like we didn’t see that coming!) “I suppose you’ve guessed how much I like you,” Bertie says. “Aww,” says the world.


Mary and Tom are reunited and back to their lives as single “youngish” people. They talk about Mary’s possible suitor. She says she doesn’t want to “marry down.” (No offense, Tom.) He says he thinks a marriage should be balanced. His marriage with Sybil was a marriage of equals. (Love him so much.) Together, they go watch Henry race. Mary hates it because it’s so risky. Tom says there’s no such thing as slow motor racing.

“Nor is there such thing as safe love. Real love means giving someone the power to hurt you.” – Tom Branson

We all melt to the floor. Ain’t that the truth.

After the car racing, Mary, Tom and Mr. Talbot go to a pub. Mary is a newbie to pubs which is kind of annoying yet charming. Mr. T brings up Evelyn Napier (remember him?) and tells Mary he suspects Napier is still pining for Lady Mary and then he says they should all have dinner together sometime. Of course, Lady Mary would love that (we’re starting to get a little annoyed with Mary). Tom tells them they are funny in that they keeping making reasons for why Mary and Henry will meet. Go watch him drive cars. Go have dinner with a friend. “Why can’t you just say ‘I’d love to spend more time with you. When can we do it?'” RIGHT?! OH TOM, THANK YOU FOR COMING BACK AND MAKING SENSE OF THESE PEOPLE.

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