Extortion! Justice! Sex! Love! The Drama Continues: ‘Downton Abbey, The Final Season’ Episode 1 Recap

It has finally happened. The premiere of Downton Abbey, The Final Season. Did you watch? If you didn’t, you need to stop reading this right now and stream it because the following contains spoilers!

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I knew the premiere would be a good one—(Has a Downton Abbey premiere ever disappointed?!) it is “The Final Season” after all! Plus, the opening scene was just dogs. Everywhere. Julian Fellowes knows the way to my heart. Just call me Lady Doglover.

In the opening scene we meet some random chick we’ve never seen before. She looks up to no good, and we find out—that’s entirely what she is up to.




At Downton? No! Never!

 “I suppose you are a widow and not a deb in her first season.”


Lord Grantham The Negotiator saves Mary from “Sexy Weekend with Tony” making the headlines and tells his eldest “I suppose you are a widow and not a deb in her first season.” Deb = debutante. So one thing we know for sure, folks spoke in abbreviations back then, too. Totes legit? Sorry.


Downstairs, we learn the status of Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson’s wedding plans. Or lack thereof because of, dare I say, sex?!

Times may be-a-changin’ around Downton but it sounds like those two need a little help from our friends Salt-N-Pepa but considering it’s 1925, they turn to the next best option, Mrs. Patmore.


The changing times were a big theme last season and will be an even bigger theme this season.

What will happen to Downton Abbey? The possibility of downsizing and selling the estate looms. We see this happen with friends of the Crawley’s at Mallerton which is where Daisy’s father-in-law (remember how Daisy was married for a hot minute?), Mr. Mason works. They attend the estate’s auction where we witness Daisy have a meltdown in defense of Mr. Mason/the working class. We just want her to stop but she doesn’t. She just keeps going…


While the downstairs is panicking about the rumor of layoffs and downsizing, The Bates have their moments. Emotional, of course. Anna thought she was pregnant but she’s not and it’s not the first time that has happened. She cries. We all cry. Still crying.

Later, someone confesses to the murder of Mr. Green, setting Mr. and Mrs. Bates free of the charges! Cue rainbows and unicorns!

This episode was loaded with drama and intrigue (standard) and it was also heavy in the “strong female” theme.


  • The Dowager Countess and Isobel are neck and neck about the future of the hospital with Cora is on the perimeter of this battle as well.
  • Mr. Carson expresses his profound love and respect for Mrs. Hughes and the proud woman she is.
  • Daisy speaks her mind and gets away with it.
  • Lord Grantham tells Mary he believes she could rule the kingdom.


Mary is finished sidesaddle riding but will she find love?

“I’d rather be alone than with the wrong man.”


Edith is a single mother, running a business and contemplating a move to London.

“It’s time to go forward.”

Will she go? Will she find love?

Will Lady Mary run Downton alone?

Will there even be a Downton to run?

So many questions to be answered. And only 8 more episodes to answer them.


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