Amy Winehouse At Her Best


There’s really no denying it, Amy Winehouse was a unique and forceful talent. Her voice was raw, her music simultaneously classic and edgy and her hair…well, her hair was probably its own ecosystem – let’s not think about it. Though their styles and eras were profoundly different, I think of Amy like a Janis Joplin of our age – talented, troubled and misunderstood. And, like Janis, we’re left with an incomplete picture of a complex person, trying to understand what might have been.

Amy Winehouse At Her Best, aims to fill in those blanks by revisiting a time before the madness and tragedy. In 2006 (five years before her death), Amy appeared in the fifth season of Other Voices, a music series filmed every winter in the small Irish fishing village of Dingle in County Kerry. The show relives that performance and integrates her live performance with an intimate interview along with excerpts from performances of musicians who influenced her. It’s a rare glimpse at a talented artist of our age who we lost too soon. And, it’s Amy at her best, charcoal eyed, bouffant haired, tatted, pierced and attitude fronting  – a bittersweet look at a turbulent young woman.

When: Thursday, June 20 @ 11 PM on tpt 2

Preview the show, here.