4 Things We Wish Had Happened In The Finale Of ‘Downton Abbey’


If you haven’t seen the finale of Downton Abbey, stop reading and go here to stream it for a limited time.

As sad as we are that the era of Downton Abbey has come to an end, we are pretty pleased with how the finale went down. Following these folks for the last six years has been an emotional roller coaster, but boy are we going to miss them!

The finale was chock full of big life events for our beloved friends, both upstairs and downstairs. However, there were a few events we were crossing our fingers for…before we get to that, let’s review what happened. In no particular order…


Lady Edith (finally) gets married.

Anna and Bates have their baby (boy).

Cousin Isobel and Lord Merton reunited, engaged and married.


Carson retires and Thomas takes over the downstairs as head-butler.

Daisy and Andrew have a connection. Or something. Oh, and Daisy gets a haircut.

Mr. Mason and Mrs. Patmore (out of the blue) also have a connection (raise eyebrows).


Lady Cora gets the approval of Lord Grantham (Thanks, Lady Rose!) AND the Dowager Countess for her work at the hospital.


Henry gives up driving and starts a used car business with Tom.

Also, there’s a hint of romance for Tom with Lady Edith’s hip new editor.


Mr. Moseley is offered a full-time gig at the school and accepts.


Lady Mary is preggo again (and she didn’t steal Edith’s thunder with the news).

Our personal fave: The Dowager learns of Spratt’s side job and LOVES it. Take THAT, Denker.

Now, while we can certainly thank Julian Fellowes for tying it all up with the most lovely bow, there are a few things we wish would have gone down.

  1. We’re super happy for Barrow returning to Downton to run the place, but we were wishing he’d find love, too. I mean, pretty much everyone else did.
  2. An O’Brien return. Perhaps she wasn’t missed by many, but if she would have popped in to tell us what she’s been up to in India, that would have been neat.
  3. There was a small hint of romance for Tom, but not much. We were kind of hoping for a bit more, but then again, you can only have so much match-making in the biggest series finale on the face of the planet ever.
  4. Lastly, Baxter and Moseley. Fans everywhere were chanting KISS! KISS! KISS! but alas, they high-fived and are “just friends.” (Spin-off, please.)

What were you hoping for in the finale? Share in the comments!

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