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Editorial Guidelines

Welcome to Rewire! If you’ve reached this page, you may be curious what we're all about, or perhaps you’re interested in writing for us. Keep reading to find out more about the guiding principles behind our work.

So, what is a ‘Rewire’ anyway?

Rewire is an online destination for young adults under 40, who want to improve their lives and the world they’re living in.

We offer an ever-expanding library of articles and videos tackling the big issues faced by folks this age every day: What do I need to know before I move out? How can social media get me fired? How can I live an eco-friendlier lifestyle? When and why should I ask someone their pronouns?

Created by Twin Cities PBS and supported by the national PBS system, our content is rooted in journalism and deeply committed to the mission of public media, “to inform, educate, enlighten, and enrich the public and help inform civil discourse essential to American society.”

But wait, there’s more!

We work tirelessly with a small onsite staff and a team of contributors based around the United States to provide curious thinkers with authentic expert and fact-driven resources that fall into the following categories:

Love and relationships: This encompasses romantic relationships of all stripes. We also widen this circle to include good, bad and indifferent relationships with parents, extended family and friends.

Health: Mental and emotional health is a key area of coverage for Rewire. We hope this content helps reduce stigma, build empathy and guide how you learn to seek help.

Our Future: What does it mean to be an engaged citizen? How is our world changing and what do you need to know to make your own impact? Here you'll find stories about democracy and culture, stories to inspire you and engage you as a global citizen.

Work: Many career milestones take place in your twenties and thirties and we provide content across the spectrum. From landing a job, to figuring out a career, we offer relatable experts with achievable advice and entrepreneurial success stories to spark your work ethic.

Money: Whether your finances are cause for concern or celebration, we have insights to inform your budgeting and address the emotional baggage so often associated with our money.

Living: What kind of a lifestyle do you live? How can the choices you make today put you on a path for a better tomorrow? Inspired by the latest research, this category offers content about sustainable living, moves big and small and offers profiles of remarkable folks to inspire.

PBS is in our DNA and so we also create content across all these categories in support of nationally-broadcast or streamable PBS programs we think our audience needs to know about. These run the gamut from exclusive interviews with “Independent Lens” producers to quizzes to help you learn more about yourself through one of the programs. PBS is not just on your TV anymore and we want to help you rediscover the network you may have grown up with.

Want to join the team?

We are doing our job right when Rewire reflects the voices of young adults across the United States. That means we are constantly striving for a contributor pool that represents a wide diversity of ethnicities, geographic locations, gender and overall of points of view. Interested in becoming a contributor?

Original articles must be between 800 and 1,200 words and videos between three and 10 minutes in duration. All content should address a need specific to this audience (most people are stressed, but how do young adults under 40 experience stress and how can they keep it at bay?).

Contributors work with our editors to refine their pitches and to set a delivery date. Submissions must be rooted in journalism: all content must be based on information from a trusted news outlet, academic or commercial research, or first-person experience, including interviews with experts. We expect all content to be non-partisan, non-biased, non-judgmental and reflect the diversity of our society.

Love that style

Articles are “Rewire-ready” when they:

  • are written with a personal or authentic voice
  • are composed in AP style
  • use short paragraphs so they are easier to read on mobile devices
  • include subheadings to orient the reader
  • use bulleted or numbered lists to help break down steps

Additionally, all Rewire content should:

Avoid stereotypes: It’s common to refer to this audience as “millennials,” but that’s far from the complete picture. Let’s not group them together using labels that have quite a bit of baggage and which will be quickly outdated. Similarly, not all parents are spouses and not all couples are straight. Avoid the temptation to generalize about habits or rituals or any other traits or characteristics. Blanket statements like “we all know” or “we all have” are not inclusive.

Counteract stigma: We are deeply committed to human rights and the topics we cover will reflect that.

Encourage discourse: We pride ourselves on our thoughtful, intelligent audience and our mission to inspire them to challenge the status quo. All content for our platform should strive to ignite conversation.

Provide solutions: We cover some pretty serious topics and they deserve to be treated as such. But, as we handle that topic with sensitivity, we should also strive to provide our audience with ways they can make a difference. What can they take away from our article or video that will help improve their lives individually or that they can carry out to their larger circle?

Offer some levity: Our planet and our audience are both dealing with a lot. And we’re here for it. But we also need to find ways to balance that and have some fun or promote the good that is happening. We welcome articles or videos that make us feel good.

Interested in learning more?

Email pitches and questions to managing editor Marissa Blahnik at [email protected]

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