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Coronavirus: Information You Can Use

The coronavirus outbreak has changed the world as we know it. As there are many publications you can trust for breaking coverage of the pandemic — we've listed a few of our favorites below — we've made the choice to focus our reporting on you. We know you're juggling a lot, between life's milestones and having to put some dreams on hold, and we're dedicated to helping you through this time.

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"The sentiment within my industry right now is that we're trying to survive and make it to next year." 

Nancy Alayon, small business owner

"Allow yourself to go through what you personally might need, regardless of how it looks, how messy it might be or how nonlinear it might happen."

Dr. Racine Henry, marriage and family therapist

"It's good to stay informed, but if you start noticing that checking the news constantly is worsening your anxiety, it's also okay to take breaks."

Jessie Bohnenkamp, licensed professional counselor

"I think there's a fear, but I was more afraid of having it and accidentally giving it to someone else. I think we'd be able to recover, but I'd be more afraid of giving it to someone else who couldn't."

Trisha, self-quarantined newlywed

"The best way to help without asking is to take action from a place of empathy."

Shemiah Der​rick, clinical psychotherapist

"I like to remind people that these conditions are very strange and we're all struggling. But don't let your standards slip."

Artist Samantha Rothenberg

"Stay connected with people beyond just posting on social media. Truly connect by asking questions, following up, and giving whenever you can." 

Sharon Yu, licensed marriage and family therapist

"Many people who struggle with vulnerability falsely assume they need to handle everything on their own."

Nicole Azrt, licensed marriage and family therapist

"We cannot depend on Mark Zuckerberg to verify things. We have to do it for ourselves."

Julie Smith, professor of media communications and digital literacy at Webster University

"A hotel is a terribly eerie place to live during a pandemic." 

Leif Brostrom, young professional

Our team recommends the following sources for breaking coverage:

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