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3 Things That Get Students to Graduation Day

More high school grads than ever are entering college, making for a brighter financial future for us all (yes, even with student loan debt). But college completion is lagging. What can right the ship and get more students to graduation day? Researchers behind a new National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine report delved into more than 60 […]

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Soon, You Can Lose Your Remote Control Forever

I have an uncanny knack for losing the remote. Even when I just had it in my hand a second ago, and when there’s seemingly no place it could have gone to—I can still manage it. And because Roku and DVD players are a thing, I have not one, not two, but three remotes to […]

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Expect Stronger Hurricanes in the Future (And More of Them)

It’s time to talk about the role humans play in natural disasters—that’s the message of one climate expert in the wake of the recent “hurricane train” that devastated Puerto Rico and parts of the U.S and the Caribbean. In a recent talk, Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Kerry Emanuel said that climate change is sealing our fate […]

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Net Zero: The Future of Home Design?

Imagine a future where homes create as much energy as they consume, helping their owners save money on energy bills while also reducing the impact of their homes on the environment.   That future might be here for some homeowners. Zero energy, or net zero, homes are a relatively new option in the housing market. This […]

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Why Student Loans are a Smart Investment

It’s good to be cautious about money. But are you being too cautious? People who are resistant to taking out loans to pay for college could be holding themselves back from higher education, and the higher salaries that come with a college degree, recent research suggests. “Loan aversion” means avoiding taking out loans to pay for big-ticket items—like […]

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Are New York Times Book Reviews Fair?

New York Times book reviews are a big deal. The paper’s Sunday Book Review publication is considered a stepping stone that can set career trajectories for fiction and non-fiction authors. But a recent study from McGill University in Canada has raised questions on how the Times reviews books by women. The five researchers, all recent undergraduate students, studied more than 10,000 […]

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Because of Politics, Words Are Losing Meaning

Can you tell someone’s political leanings by the way they talk? Scientists can. Penn State psychologists examined the word associations of more than 300 people and predicted their political beliefs, the party they belonged to and the candidate they were likely to vote for in the 2016 presidential election using a machine-learning algorithm. And the […]

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Collaboration Produces Better Ideas Than Leaders Do

Pack mentality has been to blame for tragic historical events and horrible violence. It’s generally thought that a group of people acting together will be brought down to the lowest common denominator as “groupthink” solidifies. But there’s new evidence that this isn’t necessarily the case: When we’re in a group, all on the same level and sharing […]

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Climate Change Could Ground Your Next Flight

Sweltering temperatures grounded more than 40 flights in Phoenix earlier this summer. And that was no fluke—we can expect these effects to worsen until we get a handle on climate change, said Ethan Coffel, a doctoral student studying climate change impacts at Columbia University. That’s right—even air travel is impacted by our planet’s rising temperatures. Here’s what researchers say we can expect to change […]

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Opera-Matic Wants Us to Be Creative Together

How well do you know your neighbors? If you live in a city, there’s a good chance you’ve never even met them. Opera-Matic is trying to change that. Based in Chicago, this art collective sets up delightful and exciting community activities around the city. They invite neighborhood folks to participate in the fun. And they […]