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"Nature Cat" Makes Us Happy Dance

by Ben Malley
November 24, 2015 | I ❤️ PBS

It’s always a good time to introduce my 4 year old son Lyle to new PBS Kids shows. As Senior Vice President of TPT's Pajama Management, Lyle had already seen a few promotions for the show on PBS while watching his Saturday morning cartoons (a tradition we enforce in our house).

Lyle’s Review

The show was very engaging for Lyle and he seemed to enjoy the different quirky animals it features. He particularly liked the mouse in the second episode when she said “CHEESE” in a hilarious rumbly voice. He talked about the imaginary spaceship they built to visit the moon. After watching he agreed that it was a good show and that he was excited to watch more once it releases to the public. He then proceeded to pick up a Thor action figure and chase his brother around the house.

Parent’s Review

"Nature Cat" was a very enjoyable and interesting show. As a parent I am all over any content that will encourage exploration and imagination in children. Nature Cat seems to focus on the idea of getting outside and playing (as ironic as that is in some ways) which our household cherishes. The characters are well written and the dialogue is easy to follow while still being interesting. Consider "Nature Cat" a new item on our ever growing list of trusted PBS Kids content.

Learn more about the PBS Kids show "Nature Cat" here!

Check your local PBS station listings for when you and your child can watch "Nature Cat" or stream episodes here.

Ben Malley
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