Rewire Eats (ahem Drinks): Sangria! It’s Not Just For Summer Anymore!

We’re switching it up and getting CRAZY this week with a cocktail recipe from PBS Food. Yes, you heard me right, COCKTAIL recipe.

With the lovely fall weather upon us, it’s time to switch up your cocktail game and trade-in your shandy and margarita for an Oktoberfest and…sangria? You know it. PBS Food has a lovely simple recipe for an Apple Cider Sangria that will help you transition from Summer to Fall, seamlessly.

I made this for friends last weekend for a fall backyard BBQ and it was a HIT.


1 bottle of Moscato wine*

1 cup light rum

1.5 cups of apple cider

1 cup ginger ale

Apple slices and ice

Mix together in a pitcher. Pour over ice and garnish with apple slices. TA-DA! You’re basically a mixologist…

Sangria Ingredients

Sangria garnish

Fall Sangria

*Note: if you, like me, don’t like your drinks too sweet, I’d recommend going with a drier white wine than Moscato (a Pinot Grigo or Sauvignon Blanc would do nicely). With the ginger ale and cider, things are already on the sweet side.

Find the full PBS Food recipe, here. And, hit them up for more cocktail recipes. They’ve got a ton.