9 Relevant Artists to Inspire Your Next Internet Break

The mental and physical health-boosting benefits of making art is well documented. However, not all of us are amazing artists. The good news for most of us, myself included, is the research has also proven you don’t need to be good at art to reap the benefits. So, pull out that adult coloring book you were gifted three years ago or sign up for a beginner class at your local art center and doodle your cares away.

Okay, maybe you don’t have the time—finding hours to indulge in hobbies, new or established, isn’t easy for everyone. Thankfully, even just taking the time to consume art can be good for you. So, instead of mindlessly scrolling through your social feeds for five minutes, take a little brain break and see the world through an artist’s eyes.

We asked a couple curators and creators we know to recommend artists making waves in the art world. Think of this as your visual art Spotify playlist, courtesy of Dyani White Hawk, an award-winning Native American artist and curator, and Christopher Atkins, curator of the M, the Minnesota Museum of American Art.

Tackling issues with their art

Each of these artists “are extremely gifted artists doing important, original, well-crafted work tackling a wide range of issues that span politics, identity, culture, language, activism, environment and more,” White Hawk said.

“I appreciate the balance each artist presents between care and execution of their work with important, timely and much-needed content.”

1. Cannupa Hanska Luger


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Extremely humbled to be considered among such incredible makers of our time as a finalist for the Burke Prize 2018 and invited to show two of my large scale social collaboration works for the exhibition ‘The Future of Craft, Part 2’ on view the Museum of Arts and Design in New York through March 17, 2019. Thank you to @madmuseum and curators @angelik.wiki and @samanthadetillio and a big congratulations to all of the exhibiting finalist artists: Tanya Aguiñiga, Leonardo Benzant, Brittany Cox, Annie Evelyn, Josh Faught, Holland Houdek, Merritt Johnson, Heidi Lau, Ted Lott, Cannupa Hanska Luger, Roberto Lugo, Anna Mlasowsky, Jordan Nassar, William J. O’Brien, Ibrahim Said and Olivia Valentine.

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2. Rose B. Simpson

Artist Rose B Simpson's website with her works art. PBS Rewire

3. Diedrick Brackens


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One more day😭

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Work and personal narrative

“It’s hard to pick just a few nationally recognized artists who are making great work these days,” Atkins said. “I chose these three because they make work that is intimately connected to their personal narrative and also alights on topics of national importance, such as the economy, migration, and history.”

4. Sky Hopinka

5. Firelei Baez

6. Basil Kincaid


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I kept this one for my Family Collection. “Black Praxis” 2016-2017 #the #exclusive

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Looking for a little more art-spiration?

Ifrah Mansour‘s multimedia work explores themes of belonging and centers around the Somali refugee experience. In this video, she reads her poem “I am a Refugee,” accompanied by portraits taken at Twin Cities World Refugee Day.

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