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Photo of family business owner working on tablet while on her smartphone. pbs rewire
How to Make the Case for Technology in Your Family Business

(This article appeared originally on When you’re in a family business, it’s essential that the generations work […]

Photo of Indian woman in a job interview. Ideal Salary pbs rewire
How To Determine Your Ideal Salary Before Starting Negotiations

A job offer is one of the best feelings in the world. But looking at the salary number […]

Photo of African-American man unpacking his desk first day at new job. Pick Your Job Title pbs rewire
Your Employer’s Letting You Pick Your Job Title. Now What?

You may have noticed that job titles have gotten a bit of a makeover recently. HR managers are […]

Photo of employees in an open office. pbs rewire
3 Tips to Succeed in an Open Office as a Highly Sensitive Person

The greasy smell of fries clashes with the sickly sweet pangs of scented lotion. You start breathing through […]

Photo of person's hands holding drawings of money and a car. 401(k) Withdrawal pbs rewire
Is a 401(k) Withdrawal a Good Way to Pay Off Debt?

Madison and her husband had just gotten married and moved to Boston for grad school when the bills […]

Photo of woman sitting on couch looking seriously at her laptop. Apply For a Job pbs rewire
Should You Apply For a Job You’re Not Qualified For?

“Women only apply for jobs when they are 100 percent qualified. Men, on the other hand, tend to […]

A hand holds a large cookie in front of an airplane window that's flying at altitude. Rewire PBS Work Student Entrepreneurs
Trash Grains to Treasure: Student Entrepreneurs Innovate for Change

Working as a server at a restaurant in San Diego, Rey Mustafa watched kitchen staff throw away huge, […]

Photo of African-American man making a coffee drink at a cafe. Wage Theft pbs rewire
Experiencing Wage Theft? How to Know and How to Fix It

At the end of every shift as a server in Okoboji, Iowa, Rachel was required to pay up. […]

Photo of Idnani Kumar, co-founder of HabitAware, a mental health technology startup. Hair Pulling Disorder pbs rewire
How a Hair Pulling Disorder Inspired a Smart Bracelet Startup

For more than 20 years, Aneela Idnani Kumar hid her hair pulling disorder. Disguising her absent eyebrows with […]

Photo of man opening his wallet to only find a few dollar bills. Start Saving pbs rewire
How to Start Saving a Little When You Don’t Earn a Lot

Whether by our parents, grandparents, teachers or older siblings, we’ve all been lectured on the importance of saving […]

Photo of man and woman wearing Park & Diamond helmet. Better Bike Helmet pbs rewire
Building a Better Bike Helmet by Reinventing the Wheel

Jordan Klein and David Hall’s ideal bike helmet doesn’t look like a bike helmet at all. It’s a […]

Photo of two entrepreneurs showing each other something on the computer. Starting Your Own Nonprofit pbs rewire
What to Know About Starting Your Own Nonprofit

So, you want to make a difference, huh? It’s one thing to have an interesting idea to improve […]