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successful business
Want a Successful Business? Solve a Problem

Building a successful business is a huge deal. It’s awesome to follow your dreams and put your big ideas into motion, but one false move can send your whole scheme tumbling down. One professor of entrepreneurship offered the number one kiss of death for startups: no problem to solve. University of Southern California professor Kathleen Allen shared an example of […]

pure cycles
Pure Cycles Makes Affordable Bikes in Beautiful Colors

What’s more exciting than flying down the street on your bike, wind blowing through your hair? For the guys at Pure Cycles, it’s designing and selling that bike. They’re bent on producing a fun and beautiful product that even the most inexperienced biker would be comfortable shopping for and riding. Los Angeles Photographer Jim Newberry stopped […]

laid off
Been Laid Off? You’re More Likely to Quit Your Next Job

A rebound is never as sweet as a first love. At least, that’s what researchers found when they studied people who had been laid off from their jobs. New research by the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Wisconsin School of Business found that people in the workforce who had been laid off by a former employer were 56 percent more […]

William Forsyth
Set Theory and Pointe Shoes: Dance Legend William Forsythe

Between notes at dress rehearsal, one of the principal dancers in the “Celebrate Forsythe” performance at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles came discreetly off the stage. She quietly sat down amid the sea of empty red seats where the audience would assemble later that night. As soon as she sat, her composure evaporated […]

stick out
At Work, Stick Out Rather Than Fit In

If you’re a young employee just starting out in your real-world job, there’s nothing more nerve-wracking than preparing for your first few performance reviews. All of your output, both in terms of your work and your intangible contributions to the office, are under scrutiny — and before you walk into those meetings, you have no […]

The Herbivorous Butcher Makes ‘Meat’ for Vegans

The concept of The Herbivorous Butcher will either leave you very excited or very confused, depending on your diet. Get this: it’s a meat-free meat store, a butcher shop for vegans — the first of its kind. I love telling people about The Herbivorous Butcher, located in Minneapolis, because their reactions range from a blank stare to […]

helen money
Helen Money Makes Heavy Metal Music with Her Cello

Take all your pre-conceived notions about music and throw them out the window—Helen Money is here to show you that boxes are for squares. Money, the stage name for Alison Chesley, is a cellist who defies the laws of labels, walking the lines between rock and classical, ambient and heavy metal, and doing it beautifully. Photo […]

Things to Keep in Your Desk at the Office Because YOU JUST NEVER KNOW

Recently, I was caught attempting to sneakily put on deodorant at the office. I keep a stick of it at my desk because YOU NEVER KNOW when you might need a little freshening up. Amiright? This got me thinking about other things I keep on hand at my desk not just in case of emergencies, […]

realistic expectations
Setting Realistic Expectations is the Secret to Success

I’ll always remember how I got my first job out of college, which involved a long, competitive search process, nerve-wracking interviews and more than a few hours of lost sleep over whether or not I’d be picked for the gig—or, for that matter, if I’d even be called back at all. I was not the […]

eat bugs
Aly Moore Wants You to Eat Bugs

Yes, bugs. And no, we’re not kidding. Aly Moore, co-founder and COO of Spylight, is a successful entrepreneur with a Master’s in Public Health from Yale University who is trying to promote eating insects as a healthier, more sustainable food alternative. Her newest business venture, Bugible, helps companies working with edible insects tell their stories, build […]

d'narius lewis
D’Narius Lewis Motivates People with His Story

We all need a little motivation sometimes. Whether it’s motivation to take out the trash or to get our butts to the gym—motivation ebbs and flows and comes and goes. We’re all wired differently, which means the things that motivate us and what we do to get motivated varies. When it comes to work, some people are motivated by money. Others […]

ron finley pbs rewire
Ron Finley Grows Vegetables in a Food Desert

Cities are supposed to be these jam-packed, intricate communities where everything is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Unfortunately, that’s just not true. In fact, more than 23 million U.S. citizens live in “food deserts,” areas where low-income residents can’t afford a car and don’t have a grocery store that stocks fresh fruits and vegetables […]