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Man with his head in his hands due to the Sunday Scaries. pbs rewire
Do You Have the Sunday Scaries, or Do You Just Hate Your Job?

If you wake up on Sunday mornings filled with dread about the week ahead, you aren’t alone. In […]

Daphne Lee, of JUDiTH+ROLFE, carefully works on her paper art. pbs rewire
JUDiTH+ROLFE Brings an Edge to Paper Art

Daphne Lee is still getting comfortable using the word artist. But as the creative mind behind the moniker […]

White male boss angrily telling African-American female employee how to do job. Microaggressions pbs rewire
How to Handle Racial Microaggressions at Work

Even if you’re not familiar with the term “microaggression,” if you’re a person of color, there’s a fair […]

E-Waste Recycler pbs rewire
E-Waste Recycler Tech Dump Finds Value in What’s Discarded

If you’ve spent any time waiting around an airport recently, you won’t be surprised to hear that roughly […]

Young woman using her smartphone in a job search. pbs rewire
Get Your Social Media in Order Before Starting Your Job Search

A job search is hard work. If you are in the process, you have probably been all over […]

Group of friends talking over some pizza and beers. Chronic Illness pbs rewire
Talking About Work When You Have a Chronic Illness

More than a quarter of working-age people experiences a chronic illness, according to a 2017 study in the […]

Young African-American woman talking salary with her coworker. pbs rewire
The Case for Talking Salary With Coworkers

Let’s be frank about something: talking about how much money you make with your coworkers can be downright […]

Engineer with his hands on his head because of a mistake at work. pbs rewire
How to Bounce Back From a Mistake at Work

Mistakes happen—yes, even at work and even to the most careful and dedicated of employees. It’s how we […]

Two women entrepreneurs working at a computer together. pbs rewire
How Women Entrepreneurs Can Leapfrog to Success

(This article appeared originally on Leapfrog is the title of a clever, helpful new book for women entrepreneurs […]

Male mentor pointing out mistakes on young man's CV. Perfect Resumé pbs rewire
Why Your Perfect Resumé Keeps Getting Rejected

(This article appeared originally on You may think you have the “perfect” resumé, but a hiring manager—who […]

Woman trying to negotiate a pay raise with her boss. pbs rewire
How to Ask For a Pay Raise and Negotiate to Get It

It used to be that the most important thing to know before going into a salary negotiation was […]

Launching Your Startup. Young business woman, Priyanka Verma, speaking from a stage with quote on screen
Entrepreneurs Share Pro Tips for Launching Your Startup

Need some quick advice to kick your startup plans into high gear? Successful entrepreneurs Ryan Feit, co-founder of […]