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A photo of lots of sticky notes with sad faces on them and one with a happy face. Rewire PBS Work Worst job
How to Turn Your Worst Job Experience Into Something Great
Take the positives from the situation into future jobs and leave the rest behind.
A photo of coworkers doing a shot together. Rewire PBS Work Venting
Is Venting Over Drinks With Coworkers Helpful or Hurtful?
Don’t let happy hour ruin your work relationships.
a photograph of two people sitting and talking together. Rewire PBS Work People of Color
How People of Color are Redefining Coworking for Their Communities
Black founders are replacing the traditional business model with one that centers access and cultural consciousness.
woman holds credit card hopeful in debt. REWIRE PBS Work Debt
4 Tips for Tackling Your Debt in the New Year
Debt can be stressful, but paying it doesn't have to be scary.
Photo of a young man, in silhouette, working on his laptop by a cafe window. Rewire PBS Work New Job
Finding a New Job: What We’ve Learned, From Applying to Negotiating
In 2019, we answered your questions about finding a new job.
a hopeful man walks through the city to work. REWIRE PBS Work post-vacation
How to Prep Now to Avoid the Post-Vacation Blues Later
It's natural to feel anxious coming back from time off. But there are healthy ways to deal with it.
how i became a feminist car expert
How I Became a Feminist Car Expert
In 6 years, I went from not caring about cars, to making a living teaching people about them.
A photo of someone cheering on their friend with green pompoms. Rewire PBS Work Goal Buddy
With a Buddy’s Help, These People Achieved Their Goals. You Can Too.
Going for a goal on your own can be like eating soup with half a spoon.
A photo of a broken cellphone on the ground. Rewire PBS Work Vacation
Unplugging on Vacation Can Actually Make You Better at Your Job
And, yes, spending an hour checking email counts as working.
Photo of a younger woman and an older woman, smiling together. Rewire PBS Work co-mentoring
Can Co-Mentoring Reduce Ageism in a Multigenerational Workforce?
A novel program in Chicago aims to do just that.
An illustration of computer code. Rewire PBS Work Coding bootcamps
Are Coding Bootcamps Worth It?
Coders are in demand and well-paid, but finding the right training can be tough.