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Two women entrepreneurs working at a computer together. pbs rewire
How Women Entrepreneurs Can Leapfrog to Success

(This article appeared originally on Leapfrog is the title of a clever, helpful new book for women entrepreneurs […]

Male mentor pointing out mistakes on young man's CV. Perfect Resumé pbs rewire
Why Your Perfect Resumé Keeps Getting Rejected

(This article appeared originally on You may think you have the “perfect” resumé, but a hiring manager—who […]

Woman trying to negotiate a pay raise with her boss. pbs rewire
How to Ask For a Pay Raise and Negotiate to Get It

It used to be that the most important thing to know before going into a salary negotiation was […]

Launching Your Startup. Young business woman, Priyanka Verma, speaking from a stage with quote on screen
Entrepreneurs Share Pro Tips for Launching Your Startup

Need some quick advice to kick your startup plans into high gear? Successful entrepreneurs Ryan Feit, co-founder of […]

Man sipping coffee as he works from home. Stay Motivated pbs rewire
6 Ways to Stay Motivated When You Work from Home

More and more companies are giving employees the option to work from home, and it can be a […]

Young girl looking at a unique rubiks cube. EDG pbs rewire
Nic Cherry of EDG: Traveling the World With Priceless Objects

A jewel-encrusted golden Rubik’s cube. The costumes worn by “Downton Abbey” stars. Many millions of dollars in Napoleon […]

Indie video game designer Charles McGregor working on a laptop in a park. pbs rewire
How to Make an Indie Video Game

With over 7,500 video games released on distribution platform Steam alone in 2017, it can be difficult for […]

Business man on his smartphone at lunch. Using Email Wrong pbs rewire
Is Using Email Wrong Killing Your Workday?

If you work in an office, it’s likely you’ve had days when you couldn’t get anything done. Sometimes, […]

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Explain an Illness-Related Resume Gap in 3 Simple Ways

Many people have employment gaps. They are terminated; their companies downsize and they lose their position; or they […]

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Are Video Games Art? This Up-and-Coming Developer Says Yes

If you think all video games are violent and mindless, you probably haven’t played one in a while. […]

6 Career Changes That Don’t Require a Degree and How To Pivot

Realizing the career path you’ve chosen is no longer right for you can be difficult, but it doesn’t […]

Man in glasses and a button down shirt (Scott Burns) sits at a table. Rewire PBS Work Workplace Social Network
Structural CEO: How a Workplace Social Network Can Help You Excel

Maybe it’s happened to you: Getting passed up for a special project at work that you know you’d […]