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An office worker eats lunch and looks at a smart phone. Rewire PBS Work Phone
Glued to Your Phone on Your Lunch Break? Do This Instead.
A new study suggests using your phone doesn't let your brain recharge.
An artist makes pottery in a studio. Rewire PBS Work Dream
Should You Ever Tell a Friend to Give up on Their Dream?
If your friend is trying to make it big in a creative sphere, be supportive, but also be the voice of reason.
A young man celebrates while holding a job offer letter in his hand. Rewire PBS Work Job Offer
Leveraging a Job Offer for a Raise: Should You or Shouldn’t You?
If you decide to try it, proceed with caution.
A bearded man stretching at his desk. Rewire PBS Work Self-care
5 Ways to Squeeze Self-Care into Your Office Workday
You might have to get creative.
A woman with several credit card bills. Rewire PBS Work Credit Card
Is Credit Card Debt Consolidation a Good Idea?
It depends on your financial situation.
Photo of two hands and two phones, as seen from above. Rewire PBS work Twitter
How to Build a Work-Friendly Twitter Persona
These days, there's no need for two accounts.
A chef with tattoos put some finishing touches on a dish. Rewire PBS Work Parents
How to Talk to Your Parents About Changing Your Career Plan
You don't need to seek their approval. But you should hear them out.
Black woman with natural hair and sunglasses standing against a red wall. Rewire PBS Work Natural Hair Bias
Is Your Workplace Biased Against Black Women’s Natural Hair?
Black women are 80 percent more likely to change their hair to meet expectations at work.
Young office employees high five. Rewire PBS Work internship
Here’s the Secret to Finding Your Dream Internship
It might not be the one you thought it was.
Job candidates waiting for an interview. Rewire PBS work ghosting
Is Ghosting the New Normal in a Competitive Job Market?
Employers— and job seekers— are giving each other the silent treatment.
A man in glasses looks at his phone and grimaces at a cringey old social media post. PBS Rewire Work Online
Spent a Decade Online? Time to Do Some Cleaning Up
Everything you post online matters, whether you wrote it yesterday or 12 years ago.
Male coworker in conversation with female coworker. PBS rewire work self-promote
How to Self-Promote at Work (Without Being a Jerk)
Self-promotion is good. Just be careful not to humblebrag.