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Learn From These Mistakes to Finance Your Startup

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, only about half of companies survive to see their five-year anniversary. That number drops to about 1 in 3 after 10 years, and 1 in 5 after 20 years. One factor that can make a crucial difference? Funding. Throughout their lifespan, startups may need to raise funds […]

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Why Home Field Advantage Helps Businesses Succeed

If you’ve dreamed about starting a business, part of your plan might be to move to one of the country’s biggest cities or industry hubs—like Silicon Valley to start a tech company or New York City to start a boutique cosmetic company. But you don’t need to uproot yourself to be successful in business. In […]

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These Social Media Posts Can Get You Fired

Google “getting fired because of social media,” and many examples will sift right to the top. From low-profile, like one woman who used her Facebook on the clock to make fun of ugly scarves sold in the gift shop she worked in, to high-profile, like infamous PR executive Justine Sacco who tweeted a joke about […]

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Carin Bratlie Wethern Knits On Demand

Picture a knitter. Are they drinking wine and watching “The Sopranos”? Better yet, are they knitting a “Mystery Science Theater 3000” bento lunch box cozy? No? Then you’ve never met Minnesota-based bespoke knitter Carin Bratlie Wethern, whose pop culture- and science fiction-inspired knits bring the craft into the 21st century (and beyond). A family talent While Bratlie […]

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How to Love Books and Get Paid for It

If you’re searching for a career that aligns with your love of books, a few professions might immediately come to mind: editor, writer, even literary agent, the person who matches writers with editors at publishing houses. But book-centric careers go way beyond these. One of publishing’s best-kept secrets? Book scouts, who help foreign publishers (and […]

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What the NFL Can Teach Us About Taking Risks

You probably don’t know who sees you as competition at work. But if there’s someone in your workplace who really grinds your gears, you might be able to use that competitive energy to your advantage. In the world of professional football, teams take more risks during games when they’re playing against their rivals, according to […]

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How Much Experience Do You Need to Start a Company?

Yes, almost anyone can play the entrepreneurship game. And some stumbles when starting a business are the rule, not the exception. But, at the end of the day, being a successful entrepreneur takes more than just luck and persistence. Research shows that a particular mix of creative leaders and venture capitalists are what you need to […]

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Listen to This Famous Song For a Creativity Boost

When you’re writing on a deadline—either for work or school or when applying for jobs—writer’s block can be a killer. If the stakes are high, interruption of your creative flow can cause you to miss deadlines and opportunities. There’s long been a debate of what exactly exactly cures writer’s block. In fact, your solution is likely different from mine.   Is it […]

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How to Get Comfortable With Rejection

Between experiences in love and work, launching your adult life can feel like an endless parade of rejection. Take Tinder for example. In 2014, 50 million people were using the app every month, swiping more than 1 billion times a day. Yet only 12 million matches were made a day. Those odds aren’t good, yet Tinder […]

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Guess When Experts Predict There Will Be Equal Pay

The millennial generation has gotten a reputation for its revolutionary spirit. On the heels of the presidential election, we’ve brought renewed attention to all kinds of issues, including the gender pay gap. But 2017 numbers on the gap indicate that closing it will be a herculean task. While men’s earnings have been relatively unchanged for the past 30 years, […]

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What’s It Like to Be an ER Doctor?

Training to become an emergency room physician is not for the faint of heart: in addition to four years of college, and another four years of med school, you will also spend another three or four years as a resident in emergency medicine. Add a prestigious two-year fellowship after residency onto that, and, if you graduated college […]

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Who Takes More Risks: Men or Women?

Studies of risk-taking have traditionally found that men are more prone to it than women. But a team of researchers thinks that has everything to do with how we, and researchers, typically define “risk.” Past findings could have been clouded by a bias toward masculine-coded risk-taking, such as gambling or skydiving, psychologists at the University of Exeter […]