The Telling Project Helps Veterans Break the Ice
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When was the last time you talked with a military veteran about their service? If you didn’t grow up in a military family and don’t know many servicemembers or veterans, maybe you’ve never had a conversation like that. After all, it can feel uncomfortable bringing up a topic that feels both very personal and politically charged. But

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Rewire Live with Special Guest Mike Rugnetta
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Rewire was privileged enough to spend an hour interviewing Mike Rugnetta, host/writer of the PBS Digital Studios web series Idea Channel & the podcast Reasonably Sound. We were able to touch on how he became an internet influencer and entrepreneur as well as what his favorite Anime is. It’s a lot of fun, so check

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How Today’s Laws Were Shaped by the Vietnam War
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The Vietnam War changed the United States dramatically. We can see it in today’s politically divided society, our current lack of faith in the government, our changing immigration patterns and, most obviously, in the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C. More surprisingly, perhaps, we can experience it every time we step into a courtroom. Court cases linked to the Vietnam War brought about major changes in

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New to the Kitchen? 3 Skills You Must Know
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When I was in college, my parents staged a toast intervention. They told me I needed to diversify my cooking methods—in their opinion, a girl cannot live on toast alone. But toast was cheap and easy! Having it for breakfast, lunch and dinner was better than microwaving something, right? (In my mind, that was my

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After Raising Bertie, Dada Starts a New Chapter
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Over the course of six years, filmmaker Margaret Byrne captured the experiences of three boys growing into men in rural North Carolina—their daily interactions with family, friends and school. It sounds like a simple story. “I didn’t want to focus on stories of the exceptional,” said director Byrne to PBS. “The truth is, I made a film

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Want More Space After the Eclipse? We’ve Got You Covered
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In 2017, space no longer feels like the final frontier. But not too long ago, what we knew about the outermost planets in our solar system were more or less educated guesses. In 1977, NASA launched robotic space probes Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 to capture images and report back on Earth’s more distant siblings. To

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How to Watch the Eclipse Without Hurting Your Eyes
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Everybody’s getting all hot and bothered about the total eclipse, but you won’t be able to simply run outside and stare at the sun as it’s obscured by the moon Monday. You’ll need to be prepared, or your eyes will be burning along with your curiosity. The scariest part about this is that “there’s no

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Why Are U.S. Citizens So Divided by Politics?
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Suggesting that American society is divided today is not exactly controversial. Congress is increasingly polarized, and the general population is not far behind. “Negative partisanship,” where one’s political affiliation is determined by how much one dislikes the other party, is on the rise. People in the United States are moving to cities that share their political

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How the Media Shapes Public Opinion of War
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We take political news coverage for granted today—even though most people don’t understand the assumptions reporters make when writing stories or why certain stories appear in their Facebook news feed. The fact is that the news media shapes public opinion about current events in profound and unexpected ways. Take the Vietnam War, the country’s first “television war.” By

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5 Reasons to Explore Ireland’s Wild Coast
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When was the last time you took a vacation and didn’t make any plans, just explored your hometown or your home state for fun—no destination and no timeline involved? Following wildlife videographer Colin Stafford-Johnson up the coast of his home country in PBS’s new travel/wildlife doc “Ireland’s Wild Coast” will make you want to hop a

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