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A black and white photo featuring Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Rewire PBS Our Future America's Great Divide
Can Anything Heal America’s Great Divide?
'Frontline' filmmaker Michael Kirk talks about what he learned making his most recent Obama and Trump documentary.
Plastic recycling ready for resale in a facility in Manassas VA. PBS REWIRE Our Future Plastic
4 Ways to Reduce the Amount of Plastic You Use
Instead of thinking recycling-first, reduce your use.
Photo of Jingmai OConnor in front of a fossil. pbs rewire
Meet Jingmai O’Connor, the Punk Rock Paleontologist
She's 'damn good' at what she does, and she's mentoring other young scientists, too
Photo of Frank Kameny leads a picket line in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia on July 4, 1965, four years before the Stonewall uprising. Lavender Scare pbs rewire
Lavender Scare: The Historic LGBTQ Witch Hunt You Might Not Know About
Thousands lost their jobs during the 'Lavender Scare'
Photo of dark clouds over the White House. Launch Nuclear Weapons pbs rewire
Should the President Be Allowed to Launch Nuclear Weapons?

A turn of the key. A press of the big red button. Millions, if not billions, dead. Melodramatic? […]

Photo of man against image of the ozone hole. pbs rewire
How Our Ozone Hole Win Can Help Us With Climate Change

The year was 1987. A hole in the ozone layer was opening over Antarctica, and a young scientist […]

Photo of woman reaching for specific academic book. Revisionist History pbs rewire
Reconstruction and the Case for ‘Revisionist History’

In June 2003, President George W. Bush and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice struck out against the “revisionist […]

First Intifada Demonstration, as seen in
When Women Build Peace, It Lasts. So Why Aren’t They More Involved?

When we revisit the history of war and conflict, the central characters in the stories are often men. […]

Photo of the front porch on a residential home. Institutional Racism pbs rewire
Did Your Neighborhood Contribute to Institutional Racism?

When we think about segregation, we think about signs. Signs that prohibited black people in the South from […]

Photo of Finding Your Roots host Host Henry Louis Gates, Jr. with actress Chloë Sevigny. pbs rewire
Finding Your Roots Takes More Than a Simple Search

Henry Louis Gates Jr. has helped dozens of famous folks fill in the blank pages of their family […]

Keire contemplates his relationship with Zack. Minding the Gap pbs rewire
‘Minding the Gap’ Director Bing Liu on Breaking the Abuse Cycle

You could say “Minding the Gap” is about skateboarding. You’d be right, if only by technicality. The documentary […]

Black and white image of James Brown jumping on a pink background with green circles. Sound Field Rewire PBS
‘Sound Field’ Will Take Your Music Obsession to the Next Level

Think about your favorite song. Then think about why you love it so much. The answer is probably […]