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Turkey Coma pbs rewire
What to Watch During Your Turkey Coma

Hey, happy Thanksgiving! So full you can’t move and looking for something good to watch? You could be a traditionalist and turn on some football. OR you could veg out in front of these PBS favorites: 1. Poldark This British show has a committed fan base—because of its gorgeous Cornish setting, dramatic love triangle and, yes, […]

Mitchell Adam Johnson pbs rewire
Mitchell Adam Johnson: From Beatles Fan to Musician

Most jobs are difficult, but being a professional musician today has to come in near the top of the list. These days, almost anyone can record or create music and publish it on websites like Bandcamp. Although it’s not all good, the sheer quantity of stuff floating around on the internet makes the competition especially […]

Thanksgiving Recipes pbs rewire
Thanksgiving Recipes to Get Excited About

My big family is big on tradition. Holidays are when this is most apparent. For Thanksgiving, my dad always makes several turkeys—roasted, smoked and fried. After two huge meals—one with either side of the family—we go home to watch our favorite Christmas movie. When my brothers and I were kids, Thanksgiving was the first day […]

Hearing The Beatles pbs rewire
Hearing The Beatles for the First Time

The Beatles are arguably the most popular band that has ever existed on this planet. Though Beatlemania might not be as strong as it was decades ago, the group’s influence on today’s musicians can still be felt. Hearing The Beatles for the first time is a one-time experience—and, for some, a very powerful one. Take […]

poldark rewire pbs
Explore Poldark’s Home with Photographer Andrew Moxom

The dramatic landscape of the PBS series “Poldark” doesn’t get top billing but it would be hard to overstate its importance. From windswept vistas to churning waves upon a rocky coastline, every time Aidan Turner gallops from point A to point B (which, let’s face it, he does a lot), I have a hard time […]

Beyond A Year In Space pbs rewire
5 Things We Learned from Beyond A Year In Space

Many think that because the Space Shuttle isn’t running anymore, there’s no hope for future human space travel. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Astronaut Class 21 is currently training for space flights and, just as NASA once had its eyes on the moon, it now has its eyes on that red-orange glow […]

Free Speech pbs rewire
Is Free Speech Alive and Well? 5 Essential Reads

This article appeared originally on The Conversation and was coauthored by The Conversation’s Emily Costello, senior editor, Politics + Society. This season, new PBS series “Third Rail with OZY” discussed freedom of speech in the United States. These stories from The Conversation archive explore what speech is protected, what isn’t–and the gray areas in between. 1. On the field […]

Happy Birthday PBS rewire
Happy Birthday PBS!

What does PBS mean to you? To celebrate PBS’s anniversary, here’s the internet’s love letter to public television. For more PBS content, check out our “I <3 PBS” page!

Third Gender pbs rewire
A Third Gender Identity Has Existed for Centuries

California and Oregon recently made U.S. history by being the first states to legally recognize a third gender. As a result, many people in the U.S. are learning about non-binary gender identities for the first time. But for Two-Spirited folk, indigenous North Americans who identify as both masculine and feminine, and many tribes, this is […]

Edgar Allan Poe pbs rewire
How Tuberculosis Made Edgar Allan Poe Famous

What image does Edgar Allan Poe evoke for you? Ravens? Coffins? Memories of literature class? A terrible fear of being buried alive (in dirt or homework)?  An upcoming episode of “American Masters” on PBS hammers out discrepancies between the Poe that society has come to know and the Poe who once lived. (And stars Denis O’Hare of “American Horror Story” as the master of horror […]

Finding Your Roots pbs rewire
Tips on Finding Your Roots from Genealogist Johni Cerny

PBS’s “Finding Your Roots” has been star-studded to say the least: Angela Bassett, Maya Rudolph, Derek Jeter and John McCain have all been taken on journeys to the nooks and crannies of their family histories by host Henry Louis Gates Jr. Season 4, which started earlier this month, features Bernie Sanders, Lupita Nyong’o, Janet Mock and […]

Citizens United pbs rewire
The Surprising Connection Between ‘Take a Knee’ Protests and Citizens United

(This article appeared originally on The Conversation in partnership with PBS’s “Third Rail with OZY.”) Citizens United, the Supreme Court ruling that some fear is destroying American democracy, may also be showing us how to heal it. The most recent example of this is the reaction to President Donald Trump’s comments suggesting that sports owners […]