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Female veteran saluting American flags. Veterans pbs rewire
Why Veterans Could be the Key to Ending Partisan Politics

Congress’ freshman class has gotten a lot of attention for breaking the norm. It includes our first Muslim […]

Photo of African-American couple looking at a map while traveling. Globe Trotting pbs rewire
A Travel Guide to Globe Trotting With a Conscience

Chances are you, or someone you know, loves to travel. Maybe you have a profile picture in front […]

Photo of VOTE HERE sign in front of polling station. Voter Suppression pbs rewire
What Does Voter Suppression Look Like Today?

Americans consider voting to be a right, and not a privilege. Yet for many people, exercising their right […]

Photo of the front porch on a residential home. Institutional Racism pbs rewire
Did Your Neighborhood Contribute to Institutional Racism?

When we think about segregation, we think about signs. Signs that prohibited black people in the South from […]

Diverse group of people watching a film in a movie theater. Academy Age Gap pbs rewire
Are Oscar Noms Missing the Mark Because of an Academy Age Gap?

After years of declining ratings and a series of botched proposed changes to the ceremony, the Oscars, airing […]

Young man looking up into the sky in a city at night. Hopepunk pbs rewire
4 Ways You Can Be More Hopepunk Today

There’s this speech at the end of the second “Lord of The Rings” movie. You might know the […]

Woman with folded hands praying. Religion pbs rewire
How Millennials Are Making Sense of Religion

Cheyanne Hewitt, 29, grew up in the Mormon religion and was taught to believe that “families are forever” […]

Keire contemplates his relationship with Zack. Minding the Gap pbs rewire
‘Minding the Gap’ Director Bing Liu on Breaking the Abuse Cycle

You could say “Minding the Gap” is about skateboarding. You’d be right, if only by technicality. The documentary […]

Man showing off My Favorite Murder tattoo. True Crime pbs rewire
Making a Murderino: Unraveling the Unexpected Popularity of True Crime

Charles Brandes was a true crime late bloomer. Lots of the people who now claim true crime as […]

President Abraham Lincoln sculpture inside the Lincoln Memorial. Dictator pbs rewire
Has the United States Ever Had a Dictator?

History’s dictators: They ruled with absolute authority. They seized or maintained control through force and violence, crushing all […]

Tattooed man checking his smartphone. AI pbs rewire
6 Surprising Ways You Use AI Every Day

Because of artificial intelligence, we have self-driving cars and robots that explore other planets. But just because your […]