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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg listens while testifying before a joint Senate Judiciary and Commerce Committees hearing regarding the companyís use and protection of user data, on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Account Rewire PBS
Delete Your Account? Do These Things If You Can’t

One of 2018’s biggest news stories has been Facebook’s data breaches and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony to Congress. […]

Person filling out an election ballot. Upcoming Election pbs rewire
Pick Your Party Before the Upcoming Election

Election Day is Nov. 6 and promises to be noteworthy, with Pew citing midterm voter enthusiasm as the highest […]

Two male construction workers talking politics at work. pbs rewire
The Case For, and Against, Talking Politics at Work

Politics has traditionally been frowned upon as a topic of conversation at work. But, at one time, women […]

African-American woman speaking with her female doctor on a laptop computer. Telehealth pbs rewire
Telehealth is Growing, and Yes, It’s Legit

Shannon Sterling, 25, walked into a mental health clinic near Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and was told it would […]

Politician with hands around a small tv set. Political Propaganda pbs rewire
Why Political Propaganda Works and How to Spot It

They’re here… With Election Day fast approaching, candidates across the country are spending piles of cash on radio […]

Woman typing on a typewriter. Nostalgia pbs rewire
Is There a Dark Side to Nostalgia?

As a society, we are intent on looking back. Of course, romanticizing the past, even at the expense […]

Young female journalist waiting with microphones to interview someone. Journalists pbs rewire
What Journalists Want You to Know About the News

I am a former newspaper reporter who has made the leap to public media. Even though I no […]

A panda walking through its habitat. Panda Conservation pbs rewire
The Good Business of Panda Conservation

Pandas are one of our generation’s most beloved animals—brought about by classic viral videos. But our enjoyment of […]

Group of attendees at Midwest Mixed is a Minneapolis, MN. Multiracial People pbs rewire
5 Ways to Support Multiracial People

They go by many names: mixed, multiracial, biracial and others too offensive to publish. No matter which names […]

A younger man helps a woman with an injury. Rewire PBS Our Future Caregiving
What Do Young Americans Want For the Future of Caregiving?

(This article appeared originally on NextAvenue.org.) “What’s wrong with young people today?” may be a time-honored trope that […]

Young African-American man eating popcorn while he watches a movie on his laptop. Culturally Relevant Films pbs rewire
6 Culturally Relevant Films that Reflect Our World Today

D.W. Griffith’s controversial 1915 film “The Birth of a Nation” is among the earliest examples of the power […]