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Cinematographer with camera in front of green screen. Representation pbs rewire
Was 2018 the Year Hollywood Embraced Representation?

The battle for diversity on the big screen rages on. Last summer, a study released by the University […]

Man waiting for his bag to be scanned by airport security. pbs rewire
What Are Your Rights at Airport Security?

Even if you’ve never gotten so much as a parking ticket, going through airport security has a way […]

Woman giving her male partner a holiday gift. Holiday Gifting pbs rewire
How to Make Holiday Gifting as Eco-Friendly as Possible

Our generation likes to vote with our dollars. And there’s no time when more dollars are being exchanged […]

Young African-American confused while looking at his laptop. Cryptominers pbs rewire
Hacked: How Cryptominers Might Be Hijacking Your Computer

Having grown up on the internet, it has always felt like a young person’s playground, a place for […]

A pair of shoes on fire. Boycotts pbs rewire
Do Boycotts Actually Work?

There’s probably a company that you make a point to support because you believe in what they do. […]

Two women holding a cute dog. Transitional housing pbs rewire
Why Welcoming Pets Makes Transitional Housing More Accessible

Imagine needing desperately to escape, but being held back because someone you love couldn’t come with you. That […]

Man holding his smartphone and a solar charger on the beach. Solarpunk Movement pbs rewire
What You Can Learn From the Solarpunk Movement

The solarpunk environmental movement is for anyone who’s digitally inclined but unafraid of dirt. Think post-apocalyptic hacker aesthetics, […]

Eco-Friendly workplace with lots of plants on the desks. pbs rewire
Easy Ways You Can Be More Eco-Friendly at Work

We spend so much of our time at work, but even if you try to maintain eco-friendly habits […]

Group of people holding hands in a peaceful protest. pbs rewire
Can Peaceful Protest Successfully Influence Change?

After his meeting this summer with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland, President Donald Trump faced criticism from both […]

Young person holding a charity jar with change in it. Philanthropy pbs rewire
What Does Philanthropy Look Like When You’re Broke?

We grew up with our parents and grandparents mailing off checks to organizations they support—typically the same amount, […]