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college major pbs rewire
Busting Myths About Choosing a College Major

As a college student, I’ve definitely gone through my share of struggles when it comes to choosing a […]

prevent partisanship
Polarized by Politics? YOU Can Prevent Partisanship

This election cycle has been one of the strangest in U.S. history. If we look at both major parties separately, […]

prevent sexual assault
5 Tools to Prevent Sexual Assault

Here’s the deal everyone, let’s be blunt. Sexual assault and rape is unacceptable. It is scarring, it is […]

seth rogen
Why Seth Rogen Is Fighting Alzheimer’s

(This article, authored by Sherri Snelling, appeared previously on Next Avenue.) For the more than 5 million Americans […]

reduce student debt pbs rewire
How to Reduce Student Debt without Working too Hard

As the designated official college student writer for Rewire, let me probably not be the first person to […]

pets left behind pbs rewire
No Pets Left Behind During Natural Disasters

With natural disasters top of mind, there’s no better time to make a plan for you and your family […]

Chance the Rapper will Help YOU Accomplish Your Goals

You want to do this thing, right? Make a business, make art, make a difference—the question is, how […]

disaster relief pbs rewire
Help or Hindrance? Tips for Assisting with Disaster Relief

When a natural disaster strikes, and you’re not directly affected, it is common to feel helpless. Sure, you can […]

Going Back to College This Fall? Buy a Lottery Ticket.

Moving into the end of August means a somber conclusion of summer, but also the cue for back-to-school […]

Flood Victims
Your Good Deed for the Day: Help the Flood Victims in Louisiana

You may or may not have heard about the flood in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but it’s a big […]

shocking truth pbs rewire
The Shocking Truth about U.S. Politics

Every day, we read stories about how our country is divided—politically, ideologically and morally. We scroll through endless […]

saving black lives
Could Robocops Be the Answer to Saving Black Lives?

Fear. It is, perhaps, the most visceral and irrational of human emotions. It is the very emotion parents […]