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tax bill pbs rewire
Worried About Your Tax Bill? An Expert Offers Tips to Help You Save

Hannah Cole has pieced together a pretty varied living for herself. During tax season, she’s in high demand for […]

Divided Hopes: Perspectives from President Trump’s Inauguration and the Women’s March on Washington

Two gatherings of two groups with very different perspectives happened in Washington, D.C., last weekend. One celebrated the […]

divided hopes
Divided Hopes

Two gatherings of two very different sorts happened in Washington, D.C. the third weekend of January 2017. One […]

Women's March
The Women’s March Drew More Than a Million: What Do They Plan to Do Next?

Some estimates show more than 1 million people gathered across the world on Saturday—a bulk of them in Washington, D.C.—for […]

Martin Luther King Jr
How One Community Turned a Racial Divide Into a Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.

“How do you go about loving your enemies?” This quote from Dr. Martin Luther King has new and challenging […]

President-Elect Trump
ICYMI: 5 Big Takeaways from President-Elect Trump’s First Press Conference

The morning after President Barack Obama said his goodbyes to the U.S. public, Donald Trump held court at his […]

Immigrants Spur Entrepreneurship
How Immigrants Spur Entrepreneurship by Sending Money Home

Paul Vaaler has gotten into the habit of asking cab drivers what they do with their money. The […]

racial bias pbs rewire
Racial Bias Extends to Places, Not Just People

Over the past half-century and especially in the past few years, the news, popular media, art—all have laid bare the […]

family businesses
How the Younger Generation is Taking On Family Businesses

This article appeared originally on Next Avenue. Antoinette Edinburgh Williams, 93, is spry and quick with a smile […]

Martin Luther King Jr. Park pbs rewire
The History of Martin Luther King Jr. Park in Minneapolis, MN

Learn the history of the black history playground built at Martin Luther King Jr. Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

groundbreaking people
Groundbreaking People to Watch in 2017

I don’t know about you, but Rewire met a lot of cool people in 2016: entrepreneurs of boundary-pushing […]

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How Insurance Affects Birth Control Choices: One Woman’s Story

Here’s a free recipe for an effortless humble pie this holiday season: 1. Decide to write a personal […]