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Photo of a young professional male riding an electric scooter. Rewire PBS Our Future Electric Scooters
Are Electric Scooters Doing Good for the Planet?
Electric scooters and bikes seem like a win for the environment. But it could be a while before we see an impact.
A photo of a person holding a sign that says
What’s the Difference Between a Refugee and an Asylum Seeker?
Understanding can help you better engage in discussions around immigration.
An illustration of a group of many different people. Rewire PBS Our Future Context collapse
What’s ‘Context Collapse’? Understanding it Can Mean a More Fulfilling Online Life
When you bring friends from different groups together, it can get awkward. That's essentially what Facebook is.
secondhand clothing in bags at a thrift store. PBS REWIRE Our Future Donate
What You Didn’t Know About the Global Secondhand Clothing Industry
Fast fashion might be killing it. Better quality stuff could fix it.
A line drawing of a football player. Rewire PBS Our Future Cultural Appropriation
Is It Cultural Appropriation? Why Language Matters
Should you really be calling that celebrity your 'spirit animal'? Nope.
Megan Glancey volunteers at a community meeting for a presidential campaign. REWIRE PBS Our Future Campaign Volunteer
Not Just Phone Banking: How to Find a Campaign Volunteer Role That Fits Your Skills
Whatever you like to do, you can probably do for a campaign.
3 First-Time Voters on Why They’re Getting Politically Involved
"Politics... are changing for the better and I want to be a part of it."
A photo of a red and blue boxing glove punching toward each other. Rewire PBS Our Future Social Media
How Social Media Can Give a False Impression of the Political Climate
Think everybody is itching for a fight? Think again.
Two people share a friendly conversation. Rewire PBS Our Future Civility
Can We Bring Back Civility by Talking About Politics Less?
80 percent of voters want compromise between Republicans and Democrats. How we get there is another story.
An illustration of a hand with dollars reaching out to several political candidates' hands. Rewire PBS Our Future Political donation
What’s the Most Effective Way to Make Political Donations?
Don't forget to give to local and state campaigns, too.
An illustration of three people riding a bus with headphones on. Rewire PBS Our Future Podcasts
The Best Podcasts to Stay News Savvy
With so many outlets, it can be hard to stay on top of news stories. But it's never been more important.
A closeup of a woman smoking. Rewire PBS Our Future Marijuana
Why It’s Technically Illegal to Smoke Weed in a State Where It’s Legal
It's one example of state and federal law being at odds.