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Should Hate Speech Be Protected?

Earlier in the year, the entire internet seemed to be asking “Can I punch a Nazi?” Vice asked an ethicist to answer that question (“No”). Even the New York Times got in on the Nazi-punching action. Overall, the tone on social media and news sites trended toward bemused. It’s a Nazi after all. Who or […]

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Public TV Producer Leya Hale Explains Reclaiming Sacred Tobacco

Long before Philip Morris became the largest cigarette producer in the United States, the tobacco plant was considered sacred by some Native American tribes and used for medicinal and ceremonial purposes. When the federal government outlawed their traditional religious practices, which included the use of traditional tobacco, many Native American tribes began incorporating commercial tobacco […]

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Best Shopping Decision This Year? Buying an Electric Car

Lately there’s been an update every day about the pace of global warming—the worst part? It’s clear that humans are causing the problem. In fact, a temperature increase of just 3 degrees Celsius will render cities like Rio de Janeiro, Miami and Osaka uninhabitable, according to the United Nations. Millions of people will be displaced […]

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What It Means to Be a Refugee

By Kate McDonald Ifrah Mansour is a multimedia artist and teacher living in Minneapolis. Much of her work centers around the Somali refugee experience. She recently read her poem “I Am a Refugee” at Twin Cities World Refugee Day, where these portraits were taken. She spoke with me about the story behind her work. Rewire: Can you describe your own […]

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Do Real Estate Agents Encourage Segregation?

A lot of people seek out city life because of the diversity of cultures and people represented in the country’s population hubs. But, even in 2017, the most diverse cities in the U.S. continue to be the most segregated. In many of the most bustling places in the country, population diversity does not equal diversity within […]

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How to Be a Good Conversationalist

How can our generation save the world? Maybe it’s as simple as learning how to talk to one another. Okay, okay. So there’s no quick fix to correcting the extreme political polarization the U.S. is experiencing right now. But changing how we talk, and how we listen, is a meaningful step in the right direction, […]

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4 People You Shouldn’t Take Financial Advice From

(This article appeared originally on NextAvenue.org.) It’s shocking how many people act as though they’re experts in areas that require a substantial amount of education and experience. We all have the know-it-all relative who can diagnose any illness. Or the family friend who instantly identifies the source of the rattling noise in your car. And who […]

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Why Local Elections Impact National Politics

Nov. 7 is Election Day, but because it’s not a presidential election year, there’s a good chance you hadn’t heard that. And because 2017 is an odd-numbered year, most states don’t have national offices up for grabs. That makes for a pretty chill campaign season. Several states have open races for state office, and cities […]

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How to Bounce Back from a Financial Stumble

(This article appeared originally on NextAvenue.org in partnership with Chasing the Dream.) Money is the last thing you want to think about when a traumatic event upends your life. If you or your spouse has been laid off, your home was damaged by a deadly storm, you’ve had a major unexpected money emergency or were socked by […]

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What You Need to Know Before Open Enrollment This Year

(This article appeared originally on NextAvenue.org.) A warning to people who’ll soon be shopping for 2018 health insurance through the Affordable Care Act exchanges: This will surely be the nuttiest Open Enrollment season ever. “It’s going to be much more complicated than usual,” said Kathy Hempstead, a senior adviser to the executive vice president at […]

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Your Online Privacy Can Be Unlocked for $1000

We know that companies are collecting our data online—both when we browse on our laptops or desktops and when we use smartphone apps. And though fighting it can seem like a lost cause, the vast majority of us are still concerned about it. Ninety-one percent of people in the U.S. believe consumers have lost control over […]

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Pointing Out Change Can Help People Cope With It

Throughout the past 10 years, we’ve seen huge cultural shifts in the U.S. For example, we had our first black president, and same-sex couples were granted the right to get married. With those events came changes in public opinion. For some people, change like this is really scary. And for a lot of us, big […]